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In SAP community, Web Dynpro ABAP is one of the popular technologies to create business applications. Developers currently uses Web Dynpro tools in Web Dynpro ABAP Workbench (under se80). These tools provides rich set of editors to create, run, debug and maintain Web Dynpro ABAP applications.

We, from the development team in SAP, are currently evaluating the need of Eclipse based development environment for Web Dynpro ABAP, similar to SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio.

This blog is intended for all Web Dynpro ABAP developers to collect their feedback on the idea of of building Web Dynpro ABAP in Eclipse via the survey –  Web Dynpro ABAP in Eclipse Survey. The survey will be open till 25 April, 2012.

Please participate in the survey to let us know what do you think about this idea.You can also comment on this blog if your comments/feedback are outside the set of questions asked in the survey.

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  1. Ivan Femia

    I asked for it at DKOM this year, I really like a new powerful development tool for WDA.

    Why are you using an external tool for the survey and not the pool we have in SCN?

    1. Ashwani Kumar Sharma Post author

      Hi Ivan

      Hope we will get more pull for Web Dynpro Tools in Eclipse from more developers ๐Ÿ™‚

      We have not used poll because poll does not allow creation of many questions in on poll. We wanted survey and not poll. SCN does not support surveys for now.

      Thanks and Regards,

      Ashwani Kr Sharma

  2. Fred Verheul

    I would like to put it the other way around: since ABAP in Eclipse is coming to all ABAP developers anyway, why would you NOT make WDA tools available in Eclipse?

    My experience is that you’re never developing “WDA components only”. Instead, you do some Dictionary developments, some OO developments (assistance class for instance), etc. Please give me 1 tool(-set) for all development, like SE80 is right now. Don’t port half of it to Eclipse, and leave the other half behind.

    Cheers, Fred

    1. Ashwani Kumar Sharma Post author

      Hi Fred,

      We are trying to move as many tools to eclipse but this will take some time. We are putting tools in eclipse based on priority. The priority is defined by usage and need from developers.

      Regards, Ashwani Kr Sharma

      1. Christian Punz

        Hi Ashwani,

        I agree that the complete move to eclipse will take some time. SE80 is – since it had nearly decades to evolve – very mighty and – from the standpoint of an old-school-ABAP-dude – a luxury-loaded and high-performance environment with all the integrated things (DDIC, transport, debugging, by now even with code completion…) you need.

        but to be honest, we arrived in the 21st century already. SE80 is not the cutting-edge-SDK any more and definitely not the SDK for demanding webdynpro-projects.

        due to the bulky SAPGUI-design you almost have no space left for coding (except on a 30-inch-display).

        though the upcoming “Fluid”-thing will create standard-webdynpro-UIs based on business-models there will be enough leftovers for “handcrafted” webdynpro. and therefore the ABAP-world will need an SDK capable of handling that type of requirements.

        i have been lucky to see a lab-preview of ABAP-in-eclipse on the last teched. PLEASE continue with the good work!! thank you.

        br, christian

    2. Former Member

      Fred, I agree with you.

      Also we need a mind set of finishing development tools and continuing to support them and their internal consumers. All too often we produce a half-completed tool and move on to new pastures with the next NetWeaver strategy shift, which seems to happen every couple of years. One example: the BO editor.

  3. Wouter Peeters

    This idea sounds great.. but I would only turn to Eclipse if I would be able to do most of my work in it and not have to switch between Eclipse and SAP GUI all the time (like Fred said: an entire tool for all development like SE80), else Eclipse would really have to have some advantage over SAP GUI and not just some rapid prototyping

    Would this also mean that ABAP/ABAP WDA in Eclipse gives us the possibliity to develop offline and use a deploy like functionality? Maybe this also introduces an easy import/export functionality.

    I started using Eclipse and other Eclipse based tools when I was in college, but I must say that I can’t really imagine developing for SAP with Eclipse right now ๐Ÿ™‚ prefer SAP/SE80 all the way



    1. Ashwani Kumar Sharma Post author

      Hi Wouter,

      The AIE (ABAP In Eclipse) might come to market this year. If you try it you might share the excitement SAP internal ABAP developers have w.r.t to it. With that available having other ABAP technologies in eclipse will be more useful and we plan that only.

      Regards, Ashwani Kr Sharma

  4. Former Member

    AIE without an toolset for wd4a-development does not make any sense to me because it would then be half-done and so I absolutly agree with most guys here. Especially when we know that WD4A is the leading UI of SAP. Also a stable version of AIE would be much appreciated – when I started WD4J(!) developments years ago I had to start my developments several times from scratch since my model data has been destroyed again and again by the NWDS. The SE80 is not bad but a bit old-fashioned and so I am looking forward to see a reasonable IDE (for ABAP) as a lot of other competitors has it already in their portfolio.

  5. Former Member


    I think the idea is good, but I do not feel really the need (even though I also come from WDJ). What would be very urgent though is to fix the javascript rendering of WDA for tablets (eg iPad/iOS Safari). That is a big lack now even in the latest version. Should be limited effort to fix the few UI elements which does not work (dropdown and table scroll).

    Thanks a lot for your effort,




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