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Valuation Basis in case of Calendar Days

In standard Wage types in IT0008 Should have Processing Class one as 1,2 or 3

where the result will be the total amount of basic Pay Wage types Divided by number of Hours in the IT0008  (TSDIVP) PCR X013 will have specification as 5 for /001 with rule as below


DIVID ARR  Division amt/no/rate

ZERO= A    AmtNumRteTime = 0

ADDWT *    OT   Output table

IT means when we have 208 Hours in Jan and if we have a over time Wage type which is 100% of /001  It will get some percentage on  208 hours .But , What in Case of Feb it should be  less than 208 Hours  Since working hours for the both the months Jan and Feb will get varies.Ex : Feb 198 so , there will be variation so in that we have to change the RTE in valuation basis from working hours to Calendar days

So , in that case X013 should be like this


ADDWT *    OT   Output table

Please let me know your comments whether consultants are aware of this or not  (This is a Test Document)

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  • could  you plz give a full example. on how the working hours is used in the calculation of the overtime you said the basic pay is divided by the working hours.

    • Sameer

      The Example is regarding Calculation  of  /001 in X013 , in standard /001 Processing Class 1 will be 5 in PCR X013 we have RTE=TSDIVP  DIVID ARR

      Means Amount in /001 Divided by Total No of working hours from IT0008 , this standard but if we analyse this in Jan we have 208 hours and in Feb we will have 192 (approx) so in that Case the out put should change right but in standard it wont get changed it will take same hours which we maintain in IT0008

      So that is the reason if we have Valuation for OT as monthly basis it should changed based on working hours and days right in V_512W_B

          • Hi,

            /001 amount will be based upon  the specification maintain for the processing class-1 for 0008 Infotype wage types.

            If you will maintain the 1 specification for wagetypes the amt will be added to the /001

            if 2-/002

            if 3-/003

            Like this it will add the amt to the /001,/002,/003.

            Based upon the requirement you can use/change the specifications.

            I hope it will helpful for you.