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SAP CRM 7.0 on Mac

For personal computing I use a Mac and decided to also have SAP CRM 7.0 working on my Mac.

The following steps helped me get SAP working on my Mac:

1) Download the SAP GUI for Mac software.

2) Run the *.jar file and follow the step by step instructions.

3) Launch the SAP GUI and click on New to create a new entry for the SAP server.


4) Give a description and click on the Advanced tab.


5) Check the “Expert Mode” to activate the grayed out area and enter the details as shown below:




      Here is the IP address or name of the SAP server and 02 in 32XX will be the system number.

     Now you should be good to go and access the CRM GUI on Mac.


     As you are aware the DNS entry needs to be added in the host file for SAP CRM 7.0 Web UI to work.

     Following steps explain editing a host file on a Mac:

    1) Open ‘Terminal’ via spotlight.

    2) Enter code: sudo nano /etc/hosts

     3) It will prompt for the admin password, enter the same and you will be able to edit the file.

     4) Now just copy paste your new entry as below after all the existing entries:       localhost broadcasthost

        ::1             localhost

        fe80::1%lo0     localhost   (Your Server IP address and corresponding domain name)

       Do not delete any of the existing entries as it is needed for your Mac to function properly.

     5) After you are done, press CTRL and X and it will prompt you to press ‘Y’ to confirm the changes.


     All set now you can go ahead and access the SAP CRM 7.0 GUI and Web UI on a Macintosh Operating System.

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