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How to consume your SAP NetWeaver Portal on different devices – the end user perspective


The information in this blog refers to a feature that is deprecated.

For a list of deprecated features and possible alternatives that you can use instead, see SAP note 2204286.

Dear Portal Evangelists,

As I have shared with you in the previews blog, with SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.3 SP7, a new framework page, designed uniquely for smartphone devices, has been released out-of-the-box. Today I would like to share with you the end user view of the smartphone framework page:



And now let’s explain the different components on the screen:

  • Homepage(s) – The Home page is the entry page for your portal on the mobile device. The home page displays one or more running applications, such as stock reports, weather reports, and RSS feeds, in a single column. You can define more than one home page, for different contexts, and page between these pages. For example, you can define one home page for corporate information and another page for departmental data.
  • Launcher – The Launcher contains applications you can launch and folders you can access, arranged in a grid layout. You can assign custom icons to the applications and folders. An application in the launcher can be opened either in the portal content area, or in a new portal window.
  • Content area – The area on the screen where the applications are displayed for the end user.
  • Actions and actions bar– The actions bar provide the end users options to log off, refresh the page and add the current page to his favorites’ area. The actions bar is not extensible with more widgets. Additional widgets can be added to the toolbox.
  • Search – You can use the suggestions and search bar to type a string and display navigation suggestions as you type, according to your roles. When you navigate to a suggested item, it is displayed either in the portal content area or in a new portal window, depending on the way the item is configured. You can also use the suggestions and search bar to search for a string using a specific search provider. You can select a search provider using the button on the left side of the bar, and after typing the search string, you activate the search using the button on the right side of the bar.
  • Toolbox – The toolbox area is a side panel aggregator used for commonly used widgets like favorites, generic launchers and other widgets (keep in mind, this is not a personalized area; personalization is available via the actions bar and favorites widget).

Let’s have a look now at some real life examples:

Mobile - RealLifeExample.jpg

Important to remember – from a technology point of view we rely on the same well known portal objects (iViews, pages, roles) and services (navigation, favorites, search).

Hope you find this information useful. In the next blog we will discuss how to configure portal on device in your existing SAP NetWeaver Portal. Keep in mind, the minimum version to use this new capability is SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.3 SP7 – so, stat planning accordingly.


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  • Hi,

    This is really amazing to have portal on mobile.It will make lot of differenc the way we now use the portal.

    Life will be more simpler by having PoD.

    Request you detailed how to configure the above scenarios on mobile.

    This will be great help to all of us who are planing to implement the PoD



  • Hi,

    thanks for the overview from end user side!

    We are just upgrading our test portal to SP07 so that we are ready for your next blog 🙂

    Since we want to build a prototype soon this information will be very appreciated!



  • Hi,

    Thanks for sharing this cool stuff.
    Yet, I think we all (readers) are missing a great point: how do you handle porting your Portal applications (especially Web Dynpro ABAP) into this PoD?
    Do you have any insights about this part, I would really be interested in knowing how customers proceed. 🙂

    Best regards,