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This document will explain how a key figure InfoObject  which is a attribute of Master data can be used independently (As Navigational attributes) to perform calculation in BEx Query with the help of formula and replacement path variable.

Key Figures as attribute can always be display attribute

Key Figures InfoObject which is a attribute of Master data InfoObject cannot be turned into Navigational attribute. What if there is a requirement to perform some calculation on Keyfigure InfoObject which is a attribute of master data and cannot be dragged into column section of Bex Query . This can be possible with the help of formula variable and replacement path type.

Note : Navigational attribute functional is associated with characteristic InfoObject and not with Keyfigure InfoObject

Scenario example

0PM_ORDER is a master data InfoObject and Maintenance Plan Cycle in days is key Figure attribute of 0PM_ORDER.

0PM_ORDER InfoObject is part of Multiprovider ZPM_MC11 (PM-4: Inspection Lot and Usage Decision)

The requirement is to show double of Maintenance Plan Cycle in column section and Maintenance Plan Cycle is not part of multiprovider.

Screen shots:

  1. 1. Maintenance Plan Cycle is attribute of 0PM_ORDER and cannot be turned into Navigational attribute


  1. 2. 0PM_ORDER is a part of multiprovider ZPM_MC11


Note:  Maintenance Plan cycle in days is not present in Key Figures section of Multiprovider

Creating BEx Query

To create a query on  ZPM_MC11 open BEx Query Designer and click the created button. Select the Multiprovider  ZPM_MC11 on which query is to be built.

  1. 1. Drag the Characteristic InfoObject in rows sections as required. Now to calculate the double of Maintenance Plan Cycle, right click the columns and click new structure as shown in below screen shot:


  1. 2. After creating a structure, right click the Structure and click new formula as shown below:


  1. 3. Click edit button as shown below:


Logic : Formula is created to include the Maintenance Plan cycle and then perfrom calculation on it

  1. 4. Right click Formula Variable and click new variable


Logic : Formula variable is to be created on 0PM_ORDER and the processing type is Replacement Path. In our scenario  0PM_ORDER is to be replaced by its attribute which is Maintenance Plan cycle.

  1. 5. After clicking New Variable click edit as shown below:


  1. 6. After clicking edit, give desired description and technical name and under Processing By select replacement path as shown below:


  1. 7. After selecting replacement path variable a second drop down appears “Reference Characteristics “. In drop down select the master data InfoObject whose keyFigure attribute has to be used. In our scenario select 0PM_ORDER (as Maintenance Plan cycle in days is attribute of 0PM_ORDER)


  1. 8. Now click Replacement Path tab and under Replace With drop down select Attrib. Value as shown below:


  1. 9. After selecting Attrib. Value another drop down appears attribute listing all the attributes of 0PM_ORDER. Select the required infoObject as in our scenario select Maintenance Plan cycle in days as shown below:


  1. 10.  Click Ok to create replacement Path formula variable. The variable created appears in the Formula Variable section as shown below:


  1. 11.  Drag the Replacement path formula variable and double it as shown below:

                Click ok; the formula will appear in column.


  1. 12.  To compare the existing maintenance plan cycle with its double value drag it under 0PM_ORDER as shown below:


Query Output

Save the query and execute the see the result. As shown in below screen shot Maint Plan Cycle is 30 Days and Double of Maintenance Plan Cycle is 60 Days which


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