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SAP Biller Direct – Technical overview



Biller Direct provides an online view of a customer’s account.


This is aimed at two markets.

  1. Client who have lots of small customers, like utility clients or telecommunication sector clients. This offers the customer an online view of their account, ability to make payments, update master data and dispute open items.
  2. Clients with large and difficult customers. By providing large and difficult customers with an online view of their account, they can raise their own disputes, removing the need for the client to do this as well as pull off copy invoices. Certain customers may make large requests, and rather than ask the clients cash collectors they can do this all themselves.





Technical Architecture:




SAP BD Architecture.GIF





About Biller Direct Web Application:




FSCM Presentation Layer:

  • This is a Web Application containing set of JSP files using SAP JCO for communicating back to the SAP backend systems.
  • The application is based on MVC2 (Model View Controller) Architecture and this architecture configurations are held by a file named “webbase-config.xml”.
  • The JSPs (Java Server Pages) are used for dynamic creation of HTML.
  • HTML pages can be individually adapted according to customer branding.




Link between Front and Backend:

  • SAP-specific communication protocol RFC and SAP Java Connector (JCo).
  • JCo is a toolkit for communication between Java and ABAP Components.



Modification options:




*** Note: Things to do before we start!

a) The configurations for FI-AR and/or FI-CA are completed.

b) The configurations for Web Application are completely finished.

c) Have knowledge of HTML, CSS, J2EE and Java Server Pages (JSP).




Adapting the Web Application


Area Function Comments
FI-CA Scenario
Customer Fields Insert Only possible for totals information (table T_TOTALS, see documentation of sample function module FKK_SAMPLE_1235).
FI-AR Scenario
Customer Fields Insert Custom fields added to the existing structures or tables in the
back end and that you fill in Business Add-In (BAdI) APAR_EBPP_GET_DATA (method
BEFORE_OUTPUT) on the Web interface.
Common for all scenarios
Interface Texts Change
Interface Design Colors
Web user documentation Change, delete, or insert text Check strongly recommended
Deactivate individual documentation type
Deactivate entire web user documentation
Design of Web user documentation Colors
Web pages Deactivating an Entry in Application menu






Steps to customize Web Application of Biller Direct:



  • Identify the version of Biller Direct.
  • Read through SAP Notes for Biller Direct source code before proceeding with customizations.
  • Identify the version of the SAP NW Java stack on which Biller direct is hosted.
  • Identify the JDK Version of the SAP NW Java stack.


SNo Biller Direct Release Supported SAP NW Java stack releases JDK Versions Relevant SAP Notes
1 3.0x NW 2004 (6.40) 1.4.0_12 or higher

803422 – Composite note: SAP Biller Direct 3.0 SP5

713540 – SAP Biller Direct 3.0 installation note (Java component)

745485: FSCM Biller Direct: Additional info concerning security

844144 – Biller Direct Documentation 3.0

713536 – SAP Biller Direct 3.0: Installation (FI-CA component)

713534 — SAP Biller Direct 3.0: Installation (Component FI-AR)

2 6.0x

NW 2004s, NW 7.0,

NW 7.0 EHP x

1.4.0_12 or higher

849512 – SAP Biller Direct 6.0 installation note

858563 – SAP Biller Direct 6.0 Note on source code

1461836 – Biller Direct Enhancements

1244829 – Required SCA Files for Biller Direct

1061552 — SAP Biller Direct 6.02: Installation (component FI-AR/AP)

1061835 — SAP Biller Direct 6.02: Installation (component FI-CA)

1061553 — SAP Biller Direct 6.02 Installation Note (JAVA component)

849511 — SAP Biller Direct 6.0 and 6.02: Additional Information on Security




  • Download and install the required JDK Version on local machine.
  • Download and install SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio using the JDK installed above.
  • After installation of NWDS, open the same and ensure required JRE versions are selected as Installed JREs in NWDS Preferences (Windows –> Preferences –> Java)
  • Identify the SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure (NWDI) track that has the modifiable source code SCA Files of Biller Direct setup.
  • Set up the Landscape Directory URL of NWDI system in NWDS preferences. (Windows –> Java Development Infrastructure –> Development Configuration Pool). Check if the URL is reachable by clicking on Ping URL here.
  • Connect to NWDI from NWDS using valid credentials having NWDI Developer access.
  • Import the Development Configurations for the given NWDI Track with the Biller Direct Source code SCA Files.



  • Create Local Projects for each Development Component Project (that need customization) inside the SCA files of Biller Direct, once the above import is successful and files are visible in Development Infrastructure Perspective –> Inactive DCs view.
  • Modify the code as per need in the respective perspective of that project.
  • After changes are done, build the modified DCs.
  • Deploy the changes on SAP NW Java Stack and test the same from Biller Direct web application in browser.



Some of the SAP Backend BADIs





BADIs related to Direct Baseline BAdIs:

Badi Definition – APAR_EBPP_GET_DATA

This BADI will be triggered when we login to the Biller Direct and every time we come to main page. In this BADI we can write code to logic on the data to be fetched and displayed for invoices.



This BADI will get triggered when the user clicks the hyperlink of any invoice. We can write code to fetch the necessary additional invoice details and web application UIs can then display same in given layout with supporting customization.




BADIs related to External Reference:

Badi Definition – FDM_AR_DEF_EXT_REF

This BADI gets triggered when a dispute case is created from Biller Direct for any invoice. Can be used to for performing additional manipulation of data to the field ‘External Reference’ in this BADI.


Badi Definition – FDM_AR_DEF_CASE_TITL

This BADI gets triggered when a dispute case is created from Biller Direct for any invoice. Can manipulate the value of the field ‘Case Title’ in this BADI.




BADIs related to Update Processor:

Badi Definition – FDM_AR_DEF_PROCESSOR

This BADI gets triggered when a dispute case is created from Biller Direct for any invoice. Usable to manipulate data in the Processor field.


Badi Definition –  FDM_AR_DEF_RESPONSIB

This BADI gets triggered when a dispute case is created from Biller Direct for any invoice.




User Notification:

Function Module where we more validation can be added during User creation:



Validations that are needed before creation of user in  Biller Direct, can be added here.






Enhancement Point to show the Bank details which are created only through Biller Direct (in the Function Module APAR_EBPP_GET_DATA):

Normally in the Biller Direct, User can see all the Bank data assigned to him. If we need to restrict the Bank Data to be viewed we can do that in this way.


Enhancement Point (in the Function Module APAR_EBPP_ADD_BANK):

To manipulate data of the fields, when the bank data is created from Biller Direct.


Enhancement Point (in the Function Module APAR_EBPP_CHANGE_BANK):

To manipulate data of the fields, when the bank data is changed from Biller Direct.


Enhancement Point (in the Function Module APAR_EBPP_GET_BANKLIST):

Code: To display the bank data details which got created only through biller direct.


Enhancement Point (in the Function Module APAR_EBPP_ADD_CARD):

To manipulate data of credit card data fields when the Card data is created from Biller Direct.


Enhancement Point (in the Function Module APAR_EBPP_CHANGE_CARD):

To manipulate data of credit card data fields when the Card data is changed from Biller Direct.


Enhancement Point (in the Function Module APAR_EBPP_GET_CARDLIST_NEW):

Code: To display the Credit Card data details which got created only through biller direct.



SAP Help Links:

  1. Biller Direct 6.0 Security Guide –
  2. Biller Direct 6.0 –
  3. Biller Direct configuration guide from SDN –
  4. Media Library for Biller Direct in SMP (can find all the modification guides here for all components) –
  5. FSCM Component in SMP –
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  • Hi Swapna,

    This document looks fine though i am not having any knowledge in FSCM.

    There are very less users  / experts we have in this module, probably you can through some light notes to freshers to learn (who are already perfoeming in FI and CO) as additional.

    Please don’t mind


    • Hi Narasimhulu,

      Thank you for the inputs.

      Would definitely like to make this more suitable for freshers to learn. However would also like to mention that am more on the technical side of the FSCM – Biller Direct application and hence put up this document to be a kind of reference point for Customizing Biller Direct application.

      And yes would try and publish some more around non-functional configurations of the application sometime soon. Again that would be from technical stand point.


      Swapna Priya.

      • Hi Swapna

        Vey nice post. This is great for a fresher to get the knowledge.

        Can you please let us know. What is the sequence of creating projects and how to build and release the change in java files in sap biller direct.

        I am stuck in making changes to java file. I imported the configuration and created loal projects. But in project while building the dc (at the time of import only), shows error. Also, when i activate the activity (for java change), its not reflecting in the server.

        Help on this will be highly appreciated.

  • Hi Swapna,

    Very nice and impressive article. I am new to SAP. I have one requirement to multiple filter criteria in I_CONTROLDATA parameter of  FM : “APAR_EBPP_GET_DATA“.

    It allows one value at a time. This parameter is of type “EBPP_CONTROL”.

    I want to pass multiple search criteria values in “FILTER_FIELD” field of structure “EBPP_CONTROL”.

    Waiting for your kind reply..

    Thank you in Advance..


  • Great explanation about Biller Direct.

    We are using FSCM 604 SP5 with the our SAP ECC 6.0 EHP4.

    Now we are in the process of upgrading our ECC to EHP7, do we need to upgrade our FSCM to 605 or so?

    Also is there any other components we need to consider upgrading related to Biller Direct?



  • Hi Swapna,

    do you know if it possible to implement this application directly on HANA by avoiding the use of an intermediate NW layer as in this representation? Is the native HANA Web server enough?

    I would appreciate a reply from your side on that.



  • Hi Swapna,

    We have installed biller direct 635 on portal 7.3 and completed till creating jco to backend ecc 6 ehp6 . we are now looking to integrate biller direct into portal 7.3. please can you share the steps or guide for it



  • Hi Guys,

    We have the following business scenario and am looking for your help-

    Client needs an application (web preferably) where vendors can submit their invoices electronically and client can negotiate, pay them using credit card (corporate) and mark the invoices as paid/ cleared etc.

    We know that part of this can be achieved by SAP Biller direct buy side (Payer Direct), however my question is, how do we pay invoices (Payable in Payer Direct) using credit card (possible integration with a service provider),like, sell side integration is with paymetrics (we are looking for something like that)

    please let me know in case of further questions