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Migrate portal theme to WD4A theme

It appears that everyone is moving towards delivering SAP user interface through multiple channels (Business client, share point portal, mobile etc), i wanted to check the possibility of making the look and feel of my webdynpro abap screens the same as my SAP Portal without using SAP Portal’s theme framework. Please note that we use customised portal theme.

After spending some time, I found that it is possible to do it without having to copy attributes of each element in the portal theme to WD4A theme editor one by one. The following steps saved me lot of time and issues that might arise from manually copying the colour, size, font and other properties one by one from portal theme editor to the standalone theme editor.

  1. 1. Download the standalone theme editor – use the release independent plugin (
  2. 2. Follow the steps in the “How to guide” ( and create a copy of one of the SAP Standard theme.
  3. 3. Navigate to the netweaver developer studio / eclipse project folder using your explorer which contains your theme project
  4. 4. Navigate to the folder “project\data\<name of the custom theme created in step 2>”
  5. 5. There will be file called “theme” which has all the properties of the selected theme. This is a XML file. We need to change values of XML tags (colors, padding, size) to value used in your customised portal theme.
  6. 6. To find actual values for individual properties in the customised portal theme, follow the steps below.
  7. 7. Export your existing sap portal theme and extract the file in to the file system
  8. 8. You can find a file named “”. Extract the “” file.
  9. 9. Navigate to the “ur” folder using windows explorer and you will find a file called “”. This file has all the properties required for your new WD4A theme.
  10. 10. Now copy the values from “” to “theme” xml file. You just need some excel knowledge to transfer the values from to “theme” file as both could be opened in excel (one with “=” separated file another as XML file and a simple macro could be used to transfer values)
  11. 11. Now reload your theme project in eclipse and regenerate
  12. 12. After regenerating, use the ‘Export to webdynpro’ option to create a zip file with your theme.
  13. 13. You can import the theme in to your sap system using “wd_themes” report
  14. 14. Now your new theme is ready for use. There are many ways to make your webdynpro use this particular theme but i used the url parameter wdthemeroot=<theme_name>. so your url will look like http://host:port/sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/<webdynproname>?sap-client=<>&wdthemeroot=<theme_name>

Have fun everyone

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  • Hello Arul Raja, congratulations on the documentation.

    I have followed step by step but I have a problem with the program WD_THEMES.

    I have read that this program has problems with BASIC SAP 7.0 and 7.1.

    Can you help me to create my own theme in webdynrpo for abap?


    Best Regards.

    My e-mails is

    Best Regards.

    Santiago Larios

    • Though the SAP notes suggest that WD_THEMES have some issue , it worked ok for me. So please try it.

      If you are trying to create your own new theme for webdynpro abap, then it is very simple to do so using the standalone theme editor. have you installed the standalone theme editor yet?.

      Are you dealing with your customized webdynpro or FPM based webdynpro?

      PS: If you post this question in the forum, you will get more people working on the issue. so i suggest that you post it in the forum. I will also try to help you to resolve the issue