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Go Live – Some points to be remembered

I am  here pointing out some areas to be taken care at the time of go live date.

  • Number Ranges– Make it Internal  -For Personnel Number

        if the client want from go live onwards the numbers should automatically assigned when a new employee hired.

  • Number Ranges – Make it internal– For Positions / Org.Units etc
  • Automatic employee vendor creation – make sure employee vendors are created for all employees.
  • Change of Payroll area in to the correct one – some places for Legacy upload using dummy Payroll area
  • Check quota balances are updated Properly for all.
  • Activation of audit log – V_T585A, V_T585B, V_T585C and  T77CDOC_CUST
  • Set Earliest Retro Date as the go live date
  • Payroll control record must be in the correct period.
  • Make sure  line CHECK      ABR is not commented in schema XIN0
  • Make sure all the standard reports are working fine in Production server.
  • Make sure you have done the RHINTE reports
  • Make sure cost center is maintained for all employees –if not,it will be a problem at the time of posting
  • Make sure Bank details infotype is maintained for all employees –if not,  it will be problem at the time of posting
  • Make sure Address infotype is maintained for all employees – if not, it will a problem at the time of Pre DME
  • Make sure Person to central Person relationship is existing for all employee – if not ,it will be a problem at the time posting
  • Make sure all the claim balances for LTA is uploaded to the system
  • Make sure you uploaded march data for PF annual reports.
  • Make sure about the Alternative Financial Year switch 40AY configuration is as per your requirement-This will cause problem for income tax projection as well financial year start date end date ( This is for India Payroll )
  • Make sure First  month of the financial year assignment with Calendar month is as per your requirement in T54C0
  • Make sure method for provident fund deduction is correct , once it calculated in Deduction Carry Forward method it can’t be changed to Gross Carry forward and vice versa.
  • Make sure you activated or deactivated switch for Section 89 swtich at implementation level as per the requirement – once it is maintained as 0 or 1 it cannot be changes in between.

I believe this is a minimum list …..

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