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SAP HANA: Understanding Look and Feel of SAP HANA STUDIO

Hello Folks,

In this document, I will walkthrough the simple basic navigations which you would do when you are provided access to your HANA Sandbox system and it helps you to get a look & feel of the system.

We will discuss about the following in this document:

  • Perspectives
  • Adding system
  • System Monitor
  • Administration view


The first Screen Which welcomes you is the welcome screen:


All the above mentioned things like Adminstration console, Open modeler are called prespectives. We will discuss about what is a prespective in detail below:


View:  It is screen element which is used for doing a particular functionality.

Here you can see different views:


  1. Navigator
  2. Where-Used List
  3. Cheat Sheets

Perspectives: Collection of such views together is called a perspective.

Different perspectives available in the system is shown below:

  1. Administration Console
  2. Debug
  3. Modeller
  4. RCP Perspective
  5. Resource
  6. Team Synchrozing

To see the available prespectives in your system, Goto Window and you will find the below screen :


It will open the below screen:


If you want to save a new prespective, with your own collection of views then choose “Save prespective”.


You can see in the above screen, I have my own prespective named as “Krish” 🙂

Adding Systems:

Now let us learn about “Adding System”, In this example I will show you to add 2 different systems.

Step 1: Goto Navigator View -> Context Menu -> Add System


Step 2: Give the Hostname,Instance number and Language as shown below:


Step 3: Give your credentials to the system as shown below:


Step 4: Give the connection URL as shown below:


Now I have repeated the same process to add a different system on another server instance and you can see I have added both the systems as shown below:

  1. DCC
  2. DCD


Under each system, you can find 2 folders:

  1. Catalog: It contains Authorization and all the available schemas.

Each Schema will contain as shown below:

  • Tables
  • Procedures
  • Views
  • column views


  1. Content: It contains all information Models like Package, Attribute views, Analytic Views, Calculation Views, Analytic Privileges and Procedures as shown below:

After you add your system, the other screen which you notice is “Quick Launch” which provides short cuts for various activities as shown below:


System Monitor:

System Monitor helps to check the health of the “Added Systems” in your HANA Studio. To go to system monitor navigate as shown below:

So you can see in the above screen, that you have some “Alerts” with “HIGH” priority. So you can double click on that particular system ID and view the Administrator View of the system as shown below:


Administrator View:


You have different tabs like:

Overview, Landscape, Alerts etc.., these are the different tabs which will tell you about the system. For example if you want to run scripts you have to enable “Script server” instance. To do this,
Go to Configuration -> Deamon.ini -> []Script server and change “instances” to 1.


Hope this gives you a look and feel of the system. In my next blogs we will discuss about modeling concepts like creation of Information Models and also the Admin part J

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