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Hello Experts, In this document I am trying to explains you following points according to the migration of an Appset “Sales_Plan” I have done:

  1. What part of Appset you can migrate from SAP BPC7.5 to SAP BPC10
  2. How you can perform migration
  3. Issues during migration


1. What part of Appset you can migrate from SAP BPC7.5 to SAP BPC10

  1. All Administration settings are migrated
  2. All data and comments are migrated
  3. All content is migrated except :
  • Live Reports
  • Custom Web Pages in Content Library
  • Published Books
  • Insight Settings
  • Highly customized EVDRE Reports
  • Use of Internal API will break    

2. How you can perform migration

2.1 System Configuration

  • SAP BPC 7.5 Version with SAP NW 7.1 Version
  • SAP BPC 10 Version with SAP NW 7.3 with SP02 or Higher

2.2 Procedure

1. Login to SAP NW System for BPC7.5, then Execute UJBR transaction code to take Backup of the Appset.



Enter details according to your requirement.                              

Note: If want to migrate with Master data then, please take care of the Spaces, Blanks and Dots of the  Dimension_ID’s in SAP BPC version 7.5 for Net Weaver. If your master data contains spaces or dots then your migration will not be successful .

2. Log in to SAP NW System for SAP BPC Version 10 and execute a Transaction Code UJBR to restore the Application Set .


Enter details according to your requirement.

3.After restoring of the Environment, go to se38 transaction code and execute a program UJT_MIGRATE_75_TO_10 . This program is needed to migrate content of SAP BPC7.5 for NW to BPC10 for NW.


Enter SE38 transaction code then click on execute.


Enter Program name “UJT_MIGRATE_75_TO_10”then click on Execute or Press f8.


Check all Check box and click on execute.

Note: User mapping file should be created as follows in order to map the Users in BPC Version 7.5 for NW to SAP BPC Version 10 for NW, User Mapping file should be saved as a .CSV format


In that way you can perform migration of Admin settings of BPC 7.5 to BPC10.

3. Issues during migration

    Many issues you can face during migration or after completion of migration. Some of them are as follows:

3.1 Unable to delete Environment

When you are trying to do migration but it is not successful and you want  to delete that  Environment from BPC 10, but it is showing error message like: “Unable to delete because dimension category not found “ or due to some other reason.


  • Go to SAP BW with credential
  • Go to RSA1
  • Delete Environment from Info Object
  • Delete Environment from Info Provider
  • Type se38 transaction code
  • Execute UJS_ACTIVATE_CONTENT Program
  • Select Environment which you want to delete
  • Check only “Clear” Environment check box.
  • Uncheck all other option.
  • Execute it.

In that way you can delete environment from back end without any error.

3.2 Unable to Connect with Excel Add-in

If in migrated environment, any model contain secure dimension then it will not available in Model list, when you will try to connect with Excel Add-in.


1. In BPC 10, if a dimension is secured you need to go to the

Admin tab> Security folder> Data Access Profiles tab.

2. Click on a Model listed, Then you will see Access to Model: [Model name] on the right.


When you secured the dimension, it automatically gave no access to it so there wasn’t a security breach. You need to set the dimension you locked so that users can have read/write/R&W access.

3. Go to the Team, Select team to whom you want to assign that Data Access Profile


Like here, we click on Team Admin


4. Click on Data Access Profile


Add whatever data access profile you want to assign to that Team.

Like here, we are assigning Admin access profile to admin team.

After doing this, admin user can access this model in Excel Add-in Model list


Sonam Gupta

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    1. Former Member Post author

      Thanks Rekesh.

      Dimension member formulas will also migrate automatically with the given process of migration.

      Those formula will be display in Admin Interface>Rules>Member Formula.


      Sonam Gupta

      1. Former Member

        Thanks that I use but manual maintenance is really difficult as earlier you could just paste it in one go earlier..not possible anymore….rather than giving UI they could have given 2 columns there as one for name of formula / member and second for formula…

        Anyways thanks for your info



  1. Former Member

    Sonam, I have to give comparative analysis of 7.5 and 10 to my client, ie. additional functionalities in version 10.

    My client is having 7.5 and wants to move to 10,

    Pl. advice,

    Nilesh Pitale

  2. Former Member

    Hi Sonam,

    Could you explain this in more ellborative way. I have two scenerios where both SAP 7.0 and SAP 7.3 are on same server machine, and BPC 7.5 and BPC 10.0 are installed on the same machine.

    Second case, where I have two different machines, first has SAP 7.0 and BPC 7.5. The other with SAP 7.3 and BPC 10.0.

    My curiousity lies in knowing how both the server machines communicate to migrate objects from one machine to other when I have seperate machines.

  3. Former Member

    Hi Nice Blog, But have some questions on this, i used mapping file for my users in CSV, when i open the admin i do not see them automatically came in users.i have to add the users manually.and add the users to team etc. I would like to know while doing migration will users will automatically assign to user in security, and respective task and teams? this is the part am struggling in my ugrade from BPC 7.5 NW to BPC 10 NW.what manual steps i need to adopt.




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