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Application Customization in Webdynpro ABAP based ESS Services

This blog will talk about basic configuration needed to adapt an existing WDA ESS application to customer requirement.

I have previously talked about basic configuration needed for Customizing ESS Overview Page in new WDA setup Launch Pad Customization in SAP ESS:Step by Step.

For example purpose i have taken ESS Leave request Service.

Open ABAP Workbench (SE80) and search for application configuration HRESS_AC_PTARQ_LEAVEREQ.Press Start Configurator.This opens up configuration editor.Press Display and you can see the component details


Now go to Component Configuration and Choose Deep-Copy.


What you have land up into is FloorPlan Manager Application Hierarchy.Choose the required components and give then a suitable Z Name .You can select all or make a custom selection.Start Deep-Copy.


You will be asked to choose a package and create transport request.Save and exit.


Now there are 2 parts in an Application Customization ,configuration and personalization.If your requirement is to personalize the page for all users like layouts,components visible,launch pad assignment etc then open you custom copy of application configuration and execute it using Shift+F8.That will open the application in administrator mode and here you can do your personalization.

Now for configuring the application at  UIBB level or setting global application parameters in the application open your custom application configuration and proceed as above but now instead of Display,you can go to Change mode in component configuration.


Above is the application hierarchy created when you deep copy.

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  • HI Shankar,

    Nice Blog !!

    Can you tell me how to find the Exact location of the Standard Web dynpro Component / Interface for the Application configuration HRESS_AC_PTARQ_LEAVEREQ ?

    In SE80 i was only able to find the Application Configuration & Component Configuration  🙁

    The reason is Because I wanted to Enhance it by using Coding by locating the Actual Web Dynpro Component \ Interface

      • Hi Shankar,

        When I am trying to customize the Application & Component Configuration of the HRESS_A_PAYSLIP by clicking on the start the Deep Copy , I end up with the following Error messages  :

        Access key is missing in configuration HRESS_AC_PAYSLIP_CP 02  Display Help

        No license to edit object R3TR WDCA HRESS_AC_PAYSLIP_CP 02  Display Help

        Configuration HRESS_AC_PAYSLIP_CP cannot be changed in this system

        Deep-Copy: Not all configurations have been copied

        Even though I am not modifying the Standard, just for Copying do I need to get the Access Key ?  what could be wrong ?

  • Hi Shekar,

    we are customizing this application, we manage to create custom application configuration, now problem is how to call this custom app config from leave overview page (LR_OVERVIEW), in this page we have options like create new Leave request and Edit Leave request, when we click these buttons it is calling page LRF,  is there any configuration table? or do we need to handle in feeder class? 


  • Shankar,

    Thanks for putting a very helpful blog. We are seeing the overview page of ESS, but when we drill down and go to actual service page nothing comes up.

    For example when we click on Create Leave Request nothing opens. For testing we have created a new related link pointing to URL which we can see in ESS portal but when we click it nothing happens.

    Are we missing something here?


    Ravi G

    • Hi,

      Check whether the correct role and menu is assigned to the overview iview in ESS WDA role.

      By default it points to ESS and Menu and should execute without any config required.