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Multilevel categorization in IC and Web UI (Component: BTCATEGORIES)

Multi-level Categorization is a kind of hierarchical categories which can be used in the business transaction to classification purposes. For example, in the service order, we can categorize the defect, reason, solutions into many hierarchical categories. One or more than one can be selected easily from the hierarchical tree in the service order header or item.

We can take the multi-level categorization as an enhancement to the previous subject. In a subject profile, we can define Catalog, under the catalog we can define code group, and in the code group we can define code. That’s all. The multi-level categorization is more powerful which can have as many levels as you want. The categorization is linked to the catalog/code group/code.

Multilevel categorization is available in varying scopes for the following applications:

  • Service orders
  • Service order templates
  • Confirmations
  • Complaints
  • In-house repair orders
  • Case management
  • Interaction record



Level 2


  • This data can be fetched from ET_SUBJECT of CRM_ORDER_READ* FMs
  • The fields are ASP_ID , CAT_ID and KATALOG_TYPE.
  • The data is stored only for the last level (level 2 in above case). Data for the level1( or the level above) is derived based on level2 data( last level) at runtime.
  • Utility class for category modeller ( schema modeller )  : cl_crm_ml_category_util

Get the lowest level of category and aspect and get the data from configuration

CALL METHOD cl_crm_ml_category_util=>get_categoryfirst
iv_ref_guid     = ORDER_GUID
iv_ref_kind     =
iv_catalog_type = ORDER_READ->ET_SUBJECT->CAT_ID
er_aspect       = lr_aspect
er_category     = lr_category.

* get aspect guid
CALL METHOD lr_aspect->get_asp_guid
rv_asp_guid = lv_asp_guid.
* get category guid
CALL METHOD lr_category->get_details
ev_cat = ls_cat.
lv_cat_guid = ls_cat-cat_guid.
CREATE OBJECT lr_erms_catalog
iv_asp_guid = lv_asp_guid.
* get the data from configuration
CALL METHOD lr_erms_catalog->get_ddlb_coupled
iv_max_exit    =
iv_cat_guid    = lv_cat_guid
et_ddlb_config = lt_ddlb_config.

Category modeller

  • Logon to webUI with role : IC_MANAGER – IC Manager
  • Create categorization schema


  • A new schema can be created for different KATALOG_TYPE
  • A new version can be created for schema and can be activated at later time
  • Only one schema will be active for one application area parameters


  • For describing the category schema value create the levels and their descriptions. Description is stored in table crmc_erms_cat_ct.
  • Activation date and time must be specified
  • Application ID parameter and parameter value must be provided


SPRO Customization

CRM Cross-Application Components->Multilevel Categorization


CRM Cross-Application Components->Multilevel Categorization->Assign Transaction Types to Catalog Categories


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