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How to pull a Partner Code in ABAP Report

Say you are getting ABAP report developed for Sales Orders & respective Deliveries & Invoice.

Now in this report you have to pull the Customer Code Sold-to-Party (SP), Ship-to-Party (SH) & Forwarding Agent (CR).

When we explore the Table VBPA (Sales Document: Partner) Table & we can see the Partner Function & the respective Customer / Vendor codes. But these Partner Functions are displayed in English Language that is SP for Sold-to-Party & CR for Forwarding Agent.

In in German Language Sold to Party is represented as AG & Forwarding Agent is SP (which is Sold-to-Party in English). Thus while creating a ABAP report, if the ABAPer uses the Partner functions in English, he will not get the required data & infact it will fetch wrong data, Sold -to-Party will be pulled for Forwarding agent. Thus the partner funtions have to converted into German Language before using them in ABAP report.

For this SAP has given Functional Module: CONVERSION_EXIT_PARVW_INPUT.

We as functional persons will have to ask the ABAPer to use the above Functional Module in ABAP program to convert Partner Functions in German Language before using them to fetch data.


In the above screen shot we are passing SP (Sold-to-Party) in Function Module & the output will be as below:


Now this AG will have to be used in ABAP report to fetch Customer code for Sold-To-Party.

Similarly below is the example for Forwarding Agent Partner Function Conversion:


Hope this helps,


Jignesh Mehta

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