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Hi !!

I had been following SAP’s UI Strategy and was eager to get my hand on Business Client from the day v 1.0 was released,

I just had opportunity to see the Netweaver Business Client in Action and can’t stop praising it. 🙂

During many implementations of Netweaver Portal, End Users always asked the following Questions.

  • Can I rearrange the menu using Drag and Drop ?
  • Can I search the required menu entry by typing some of its letters?
  • Can i get a enhanced Look and Feel ?
  • Can i switch off Menus for Time Being and get them back when required?

                    and many more such questions……….

Well, the presentations on sap depicted that Business Client does offer this and much more functionality.

so wen ahead and tried the NWBC V 3.0.

Once the installation/Configuration  was done and I hit the First Screen the only Reaction from me and my colleague was Wooooooooow 🙂

What we saw was

  • Signature UI Experience


  • Drag and Drop
  • Selective Exposing of Menus


  • Rearranging of Menus
  • Icons for Menus (we can also change the Icons if we don like them 🙂 )


  • Searching for Menu entries lost in the Navigation Hierarchy


  • Integrated Desktop Search !



  • Navigation to web address from right there.


  • Window Manager for managing Multiple windows..


  •   Backend SAP NetWeaver7.02 SP03
  •   SAP GUI 7.10 with at least Patch Level 15 or SAP GUI 7.20 with at least Patch Level 2
  •   Microsoft .Net 3.0 at a minimum, highly recommended Microsoft .Net 3.5 SP1

That’s it for now.

Lot of material is available on sdn and i thankful to sdn for this.

Enjoy NWBC !

your thoughts and comments are welcome.


Rajendrakumar Gaikwad

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  1. Mahesh Chandra VVNS

    Hi rajendra,

    I had seen the NWBC in action.The UI is awesome,Regarding rearranging the menu using Drag and Drop,enhanced Look and Feel and switch off Menus for Time Being and get them back when required,  Ajax framework in portal contains these capabilities ( comes from 7.02). i am not sure with Search box in AJAX framework.

    People are more interested in web interfaces, installing one more GUI (around 1 GB space) for using only portal in client machines is a difficult process.

    P.S : did you checked how to open anonymous pages (irj/portal/anonymous) from NWBC?  not sure how to open



    1. Former Member Post author


      NWBC for Desktop is aimed at power users.
      It provides Signature UI Experience over different UI technologies.
      It is not limited to Portal, but can be equally used for Accessing ABAP Web AS.
      Regarding installation, I don’t think disck space is an issue anymore in todays world,where even laptops come with 450 GB+ disks.

      I agree that NW 7.2 + portal has some of this capability,but the Richness of Navigating to web addresses,Integrated Desktop Search, Multiple Window Manager are awesome.

      Also SAP is providing new releases for NWBC also (see MSS Add On )

      All in all , its worth Trying..Show it to your Users, get their Feedback and you wil know…

      Best Regards

  2. Paras Arora

    All the features highlighted are really , possible only in NWBC for desktop version. Not on NWBC for HTML.

    This is good for power users only, imagine maintaing another desktop client to access SAP system for a large community of end users.

    Thus, there is really no comparision possible between NWBC for Desktop and web enabled SAP Portal.

    On the other hand, if you do a feature comparison between SAP NWBC Vs SAP Portal .., the SAP Portal wins hands down.

    Given below is an online link comparing NWBC for Desktop vs NWBC for HTML.


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