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While creating sale orders, each and every time, users need to input the sales area in the initial screen manually.

This can be automated for that particular user so that whenever they execute VA01, the sales area what is set would flow there.

To achieve this, go to SU01 or SU3, select “Parameters” tab and maintain the following parameter IDs:-

VKO Sales Organisation
VTW Distribution Channel
SPA Division


Save this settings.  Now go to VA01 so that you can see the sales area flows automatically.


This will be helpful only if users are not creating sale orders with multiple sales area quite frequently.


G. Lakshmipathi

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  1. Former Member

    Nice explanation.

    Adding to the above details…the Parameter ID for a field can be found by placing the cursor in that specific field, click F1 and click on the Technical Information icon. In the pop up for technical information the Parameter ID field can be seen in the Field Data section.

  2. Balaji Parsewar

    Simple still very useful.

    Every consultant face such kind of requirement from end users who have heavy load for order booking with same sales area. Keep sharing.

  3. Former Member

    Thanks Sir,

    Its really works but I have one Question, when I am trying to add sales order type AUF  but respective sales order type is not coming automatically as sales area coming.

    Please Advice.



  4. Former Member

    Dear Lakshmipathi

    It is better that show the way to find parameter ID.

    Select the field — Press F1 — Technique information button — in parameter ID of field data.


    Liu jian

  5. Former Member


    I tried with the t code su3, but when i m entering the code va01 i m able to get the order type, i m not able to get the sales area pl. explain.  Thanks sukant

    1. ' MoazzaM '

      Have you maintained parameters in SU3 for the user you are testing with? Maintain paramteres in paramteres tab and also values and then check.

      1. Former Member

        Hi MoazzaM,

        when I am trying to add sales order type AUF  but respective sales order type is not coming automatically as sales area coming.

        Please Advice.



        1. Former Member

          Dear Ashish,

          Kindly execute SU53 and go to Parameters tab give Parameter_ID as AAT and Parameter value as Order Type. Save User Profile and then test. Thanks.

  6. Former Member

    Its informative and thanks a lot for sharing sir…

    Recently i got this requirement from the user…i was searching in the forum for this and decided to go with transaction and screen variant to default the values but after reading your above standard and easy steps, i will definetly go with your procedure.

    Thanks again for sharing.

    Best Regards


  7. Raja Manickam

    Super Lakshmipathi..

    Using this idea I have added AAT = ZIR ( Order type).

    Normally we used to create test orders in quality system with repeatedly with same sale area and same customer number.

    I found a parameter for sold-party is VAG but we should maintain VAU as a parameter for sold-party. why ? where could I found this VAU ?






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