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Creation of Custom Mobile Application with ITS mobile using ABAP

Today I just started my first blog in SDN. Why I have started blogging because I am passionate about SAP and being ABAPer Iam constant learner who wants to contribute and share what I’ve learnt.

Presently Iam working on SAP ITS mobile technology in SAP.  In this blog I would like to cover how to create mobile web browser applications with ITS mobile.

This blog categorized in to following

  1. Introduction
  2. Configuration steps
  3. Test result

I. Introduction

ITS mobile is used to make executable in the browser of mobile devices. It is mainly used to access SAP applications from mobile devices like handheld bar code devices or vehicle mounting devices etc.

ITS mobile is an application using the Internet Transaction Server (ITS).

II. Configuration


a) Generating an Internet Service and Templates.

b) Create an ICF service.

c) Test ICF service.

Now we will see in details ..

A) Generating an Internet Service and Templates

First we need to generate the corresponding internet service and relevant template.

  1. Goto SE80, select the package in which you want to create the internet service and create the internet service as below


2.  Enter a service name and transaction code that is to be linked to the service.


3. Create a transaction code by creating module program with required fields using SE80.


Once saves a theme 99 folder is created for the service at the same time as the service.


4. Enter parameter ~TRANSACTION  as your transaction code.


5. In SE80, select  all the screens in your program for which you want to create a template , and choose Template from context menu


6. Enter name of the previously created  service and a theme (99) and selection Mobile Devices as the generation style


Now we have now see generated an ITS template for every selected screen.


7. Now we need to publish the service as below

   Publish by pressing service file first


Publish by pressing complete service.


Once published , we can see the success message saying ‘Object published successfully. Site: INTERNAL.

This completes the generation of the service and the templates. So that you can call your service using the browser. Now we need to create an ICF service that links previously created internet service with an HTTP access path.

B) Create an ICF Service

1.  First we need to test and generate default ICF services like itsmobile00 and itsmobile01 are active and executable in SICF transaction.

2.  In SICF , create a new service by clicking new sub element.


3.  Give a service name as ZDEMO and make type of service node as Independent service.


4. Keep the GUI Link as ‘Y’ (YES)


    5. Press GUI configuration tab  as shown in below.


7.   On the Handler List tab page , enter ITS handler  CL_HTTP_EXT_ITS.


7.      Activate the service . Note activate with sub


C) Test results 

Test the ICF service.

1. Test the service  using SE80 , the browser should start with your service.


Provide the user id and password.


The browser having our custom screen developed in ABAP has been generated.


Test is completed.

Now we have successfully created an ICF service that links the Internet service ( Which created in Step A ) with an HTTP access path.

Now we can  call our  Internet service using the browser of the mobile device.

That HTML templates generated with Steps A and B are based on two standard services delivered by SAP (ITSMOBILE and ITSGENMOBILE).

If the templates generated by the standard services do not fulfill your requirements, you can adjust them.

Reference :

SAP Library – SAP ITS in SAP NetWeaver Application Server

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      Author's profile photo krishnaraj Baskar
      krishnaraj Baskar

      Hi Srikanth,

      Thanks for the blog.May I ask you when you generate the style and the style has been selected as HTML without tables.Why is it so,if I try to create the template there are 3 options for the mobile devices.

      When you make changes to screen and after it has published .We can regenerate the template again but is it necessary to publish the entire service or just the screen alone?

      Could you please let me know.



      Author's profile photo Lakshmy Rajendranath
      Lakshmy Rajendranath

      It is better to publish the screen  as well as whole service.Some times if it is transported to differnt server such as quality or test server.Even though if if you publish the entire sreen the changes will not reflect.

      Then you have to do below procedure.

      call Transaction SIAC_PUBLISH_ALL_INT (Report SIAC_PUBLISH_ALL_INTERNAL). This report publishes all ITS services present in the system to the integrated ITS.

      For NetWeaver 2004: Transaction SIAC_PUBLISH_ALL_INT does not exist until you have imported the Service Pack. First, use the report w3_publish_services. Leave the entry fields in the selection screen empty. In the list displayed after the selection screen, select all services (F5). Also, check the settings (F8) before you start the publishing (F7).

      Author's profile photo Maria Erdey-Gruz
      Maria Erdey-Gruz

      There are some prerequisites to run ITS Mobile. You can read about it in the following link: Prerequisites to run ITSmobile

      So make sure the reqiured services are activated.


      Add the TINY Link URL version to this comment

      Oisín ITS SCN Moderator

      Author's profile photo Priyesh Shah
      Priyesh Shah

      This Link is not working, can you help.

      Author's profile photo Oisin ONidh
      Oisin ONidh

      Hello Priyesh,

      The link has now been corrected.



      ITS SCN Moderator

      Author's profile photo Priyesh Shah
      Priyesh Shah

      Thank you very much Oisin.