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The open hub destination is the object that allows you to distribute data from a BI system to non-SAP datamarts, analytical applications, and other applications. It ensures controlled distribution across multiple Systems. The Scope of this document is to share my knowledge on the significance of ‘Deleting Data from Table’ Option available in the Open Hub Destination.

Let us consider that Data is to be loaded from the Source Standard DSO to the target Open Hub Destination,

Scenario 1: When the ‘Deleting Data from table’ Option is checked.


Before Loading of data Happens through DTP either Full load or Delta load, the data that is already present in the Open Hub table is deleted and then the New Data is loaded. So in this case whatever data that is present In the source gets updated to the target at each load, so data Integrity is maintained.

Scenario 2: When the ‘Deleting Data from table Option’ is unchecked.


Full Load: If there is full load from source DSO to target OHT, suppose there is already 131 records present In the OHT, and only 56 records are created new for the same Key Fields combination, then only these 56 records get transferred to the OH table and the rest 131 records get discarded with the Identical key combination.


Delta Load: When the load is Delta from source DSO to the target OHT which already has 131 records.

Although there are 100 delta records in the source only 56 records will get transferred to the OH table, the remaining 44 will get discarded as for the same key field combination.

Drawback: Suppose for the same existing Key field combination, If there is any change in the attributes or data field value in the source then the same will not get updated to the target.

Hence the most appropriate way is to Check the ‘Deleting Data from Table’ Option, so that we can get the updated records after each load, either Delta or full.

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