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Interesting facts about SAP in India

Two weeks ago I visited the SAP offices in Mumbai and Bangalore, and had the chance to meet with customers, partners, press, analysts, and bloggers.  It was an amazing experience for me personally: the culture, the energy, and the opportunity.  I was asked multiple times to try to summarize the SAP India organization and India’s impact on SAP.  Given the diversity, it’s a difficult thing to do but here are some interesting facts I consolidated:

SAP India

Started in 1996, SAP India is one of the fastest growing companies within SAP worldwide with ~5,500 employees and more than 4,800 customers.

  • SAP India is the third largest subsidiary for SAP in terms of employees.
  • The second largest SAP lab for development and research is located in Bangalore, India
    • Some of the applications developed in India include HR Applications, Mobile Solutions, Supplier relationship management, SAP HANA and Big Data activity
  • SAP Education in India has trained over 50,000 SAP consultants in the last decade
  • SAP has 3,800 SME customers in the country
  • SAP India was declared the HUB of the region in 2011 for its outstanding performance

The Best-Run Indian Businesses Run SAP

SAP has emerged as the unquestionable partner of India Inc.


India and the SAP community / social networks

  • SAP has approximately 2.5M registered members of the SAP Community Network (SCN)
    • 425,000 (17%) of the total are from India; second only to the USA (23%) and ahead of Germany (13%
  • 19% of the 3.2M total visits to SAP Community Network each month are from India
  • SAP has 120,000 fans on Facebook
    • India is the top contributor with 27,000 fans, followed by USA at less than half that number
    • Six of India’s urban areas (Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Pune, Chennai) are in the top ten cities generating traffic to SAP’s Facebook pages
  • About 10% of SAP’s 50,000+ followers on Twitter are from India
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  • Thanks for sharing these stats Jonathan.  I would add from my own exposure and experience in Bangalore over the past few years during TechEd season, that our ecosystem in India has one of the strongest presences in the realm of Corporate Social Responsiblity.  India piloted our own development of software solutions for social and economic development (see Charitra for example).  In addition, I am constantly inspired by the forward thinking of my Bangalore Labs peeps and was excited to see “smart cars” in their parking lot even before I saw the electric cars in Palo Alto.   Last year, I was thrilled to attend a Design Thinking workshop during TechEd Bangalore and saw how innovate and passionate the participants were.  Incredible India!

  • Jonathan,

    I question the “SAP Education in India has trained over 50,000 SAP consultants in the last decade” comment. As far as I can tell, all training in India is done by Authorized Training Partners. Perhaps he meant to say that 50,000 people have been trained using SAP training materials in India over the last decade? (I’m guessing a fair portion of that 50k works for customers directly and are not consultants.)

    Not trying to nitpic. SAP Asia Pacific’s policy of handling training through Authorized Training Partners causes a great deal of confusion and I spend a fair amount of time educating folks on possible paths to training/certification in the forums. If I’m wrong, I need to be educated so I can give out correct information!

    Best regards,


    • Hi Tom,

      I rechecked my facts and they appear correct.  Perhaps the wording is confusing.  SAP authorized education centres trained over 50,000 people in the last decade.  Not all of them would be third-party consultants. Some are internal to customers as well.


  • India is the world’s largest active democracy – a federation  of 28 states and 9 Union territories- A nation of 1.2 Billion people. India is the world’s 4th largest economy in terms of PPP and still growing at 7-8% in today’s challenging global economic scenario. We have 18 officially recognized languages and a secular social structure where all major religions are practiced. Government is investing in to technology to modernize their systems and holds a significant opportunity for SAP .

    ·       Around 20 of the Indian states  in Power Generation, Transmission & Distributions companies  run SAP. We could say, SAP Powers Indian Government utilities .

    ·       Indian Railways, the fourth largest rail network in the world, that carries an estimated 22 million passengers & 2.8 million tons freight across 10,500 trains  every day uses  SAP for some of their functions. A Sybase customer too, they use SQL Anywhere for managing the Unreserved Ticketing System to issue about 6 million tickets  , which is an unique innovation in itself.

    ·       Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai runs on SAP to deliver Citizen Services to its over 12.5 Million Constituents.  This is possibly one of the largest city council worldwide.

    ·       The Administration of a Small District in Western India has deployed Sybase Unwired Platform to do a tree census and importantly ensure that it manages it tree planting initiative to improve green cover. True Innovation! Watch out for many more from India.

    ·       As a part of its CSR initiatives, SAP India chose to work with Soda Village in the state of Rajasthan in Northern India – comprising of a little over 10,000 residents, SAP is now deploying an On-Demand solution on the ByD platform to help the village administration deliver basic citizen services and also provide access to its citizens to view status of the welfare projects and schemes and fund allocation. The intent going forward is to provide transparency to its finance, budget management process and procedures, to view them real time.

    A bigger movie market than America and Canada combined, India sold 3.2 billion tickets last year