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Analytic View creation in SAP HANA

Hello Everyone,

In this document, I am going explain the step by step by procedure of Analytic View creation in SAP HANA.

We can say Analytic Views are…

1) Simple Analytic Views (Using DB tables)

2) Analytic Views enhanced with Attribute View (Star Schema)

The major steps includes the following while creating Analytic Views in SAP HANA.

i) Give the Technical Name

ii) Select the Tables

iii) Select Attribute View(Optional)

iv) Define Data Foundation.

v) Create Logical View (Optional)

vi) Save and Activate the View

vii) Data Preview

How to do the above Steps:

Step(i) :

Directly click on ‘Analytic View’ in ‘Quick Launch’ screen or Right click on your package –> New —> Analytic View.

Now you will get below screen where we have to give the following entries.

–> Technical Name

–> Whether we are going to create a) New one b) Copy from some other Analytic View

–> If we have to use Unit Conversion, then we need to select Schema where table exist for this Conversions

Click on ‘Next’ to proceed further.

Step (ii):

In the next screen, we have to select base table for Analytic View from right Schema.

Select the Table and click on ‘Add’ to move the table to right side.We can select multiple tables using Control Key.

We can use ‘Search’ option if we have lot of tables in our System/Schema.

Note: We can select Measures only from One table. Measures from multiple tables is not possible in Analytic View.

In this example, I have searched for table ‘sales_date’ and added to right side.

Note: Using this search option we can not add two tables at a time.

Step (iii): If you don’t want any attribute view for this analytic view, then we can directly click on ‘Finish’ so that we will navigate to ‘Analytic View’ design screen.

If we want to add ‘Attribute View’ also then click on ‘Next’ to move to the next screen.

Here in left side we will get all the packages in HANA system, select the right Attribute View and move to right.

Click on ‘Finish’ then system will navigate you to the Analytic View design screen.

Step (iv):

We have 2 views in Analytic View design screen.

a) Data Foundation     b) Logical View

In Data Foundation, we have to define a) Private Attributes (Attributes)  and b) Measures.


Note: Only the selected Attributes and Measures will be visible in Data Preview and for Reporting Clients.

What all we can do here: Apart from Attributes and Measures we can create below objects as well in Data Foundation.

a) Calculated Attributes

b) Calculated Measures

c) Restricted Measures

d) Variables

Step (v):

Once the work in Data Foundation was done, we have to define the joins between the data foundation of Analytic View and Attributes we have added. Attribute Views will only present in Logical View, so we have to define the joining conditions in Logical View.

Goto Logical View and create the joins between the Key Attributes of Attribute View and Attributes we selected in Data Foundation.

Note: It is not mandatory to map all the key attributes of Attribute View to Attributes of Analytic View.

Alternative: We can add required Attribute Views directly to the Logical View using Drag and Drop functionality.

Step (vi):

Once the above things are done, we can save the Analytic View and activate it.

Now we can find the new Analytic View (SALES_ANALYTIC) under package as shown below.

Step (vii):

Right click on the new Analytic View –> Data Preview to view the data for this Analytic View.

We can see the data below.

Hope this document helps for the Beginners in SAP HANA ..

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