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To track the Transport Request & Creation Date of a Plant

Suppose we face a situation when we want to track the Plant Creation date/ Transport Request in which it is created.

Those who understand the system deeply can easily diagnose that these details cannot be easily derive from any transaction.

Thus we need to play with tables smartly in order to crack this issue 😉 .

Objective : To track the Transport Request & Creation Date of a Plant

Solution Proposed :

We need to play with Tables. T Code : SE16


Enter Table E071K


Enter R3TR in Field PGMID ,

TABU in field OBJECT & T001W in field OBJNAME.




The main catch in this Process is the Field TABKEY which represents the combination of Client & Plant Code Created.


Thus if we want to know the transport request # of Plant 1116 then it can be easily derived from above screenshot (AEDK900036).

Our First Objective gets fulfilled here (i.e.. to derive a transport request of a Plant Created)

Our Second Objective is to find the Creation date of this Plant.

Copy the Request derived in above step & paste in another table E070.




Thus our second objective also gets fulfilled here ( Details of User,Creation Date,Creation time derived) !!!! 🙂

Hope it helps  !!

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