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Search Help for Java

I have been working in Java for a considerable period of time in a way that I can claim Java as my computer mother tongue. I’m working in SAP for last six months. I started to explore the features of SAP which the general programming environments doesn’t have. I was impressed by many of the features in SAP that is helpful for business programming. As a desperate Java programmer, I wished these features to be available in Java as well.

Search help in SAP impressed me so much that I felt such a GUI component should exist in Java Swing as well. So I tried to create a simple implementation of Search help that could be used with Java Swing applications. I uploaded the project to Google code and named it as ‘Text-help’. The implementation is very simple and in order to make it simple, I left many of the complex features of search help. I wish all of you try it and collaborate on the project, report bugs, ask for enhancements and more. I hope I could revise it with more versions if I found it really helpful to people.

This is a small contribution of mine to the Java community. Following is the link for the project.

– Fareez Ahamed K.N.

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