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SAP HANA InnoJam Online Contest – Meet the finalist

After some really hard video reviewing, the selection committee came up with the finalist that are going to participate for the big prize this April 12th, on Palo Alto. Here they are, in no particular order:

CEO Vision by Keytree – SAP HANA + Augmented Reality + Microsoft Kinect

Handling Big Data and reporting for Gas Transportation

Detective HANA SAP Innojam Online 2012 Competition Entry

Liner Network Optimizer Powered by HANA

Improve the Estimation of Train delays with SAP HANA

Hana in Nongfu Spring

Retail Sales Analysis with dynamic calculations

Near Real-time Electricity Usage Monitoring and Optimization for Residential Customers

The teams will be contacted today for further plans regarding the contest. For the teams that didn’t get selected, thanks you so much for your participation in this contest. All the videos were good, however, only 8 teams could make it to the finals.

For the teams that did get selected, good luck and get ready for a fierce competition.

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