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Hello Folks,

In this document I would like to explain about, “export” and “import” of system “landscapes”.

In our project, we have different architectures for landscapes like” quality”, ”development”, ”production”. So this can be done by adding “multiple hana systems” which connects to different server instances.

  1. This feature helps to monitor the systems from single hana studio interface. In this example you can see below, that I have 2 systems named DCC and DCD. Both are connecting to 2 different server instances. Now let us see how do we “export” and “import” our landscapes. In case if you want to use a new HANA studio installed and you want to get your existing landscapes into your newly installed “studio” you can use this feature.

As shown above, you can see 2 systems named DCC and DCD.

Now go to “quick launch” and select “export” and choose “landscapes” as shown below:


Now press “Next”.


This will lead you to the below screen, where we need to select our destination as shown below:


Now  system generates “landscape.xml” as shown below:


Now let us check on how to import the landscape, so for this am deleting the systems from my landscape as shown below:


Now you can see my “navigator” which is empty as shown below:


Now let us try importing the previous landscape using “import” feature. By selecting “landscape” as shown below:


Now select the source where you have your “landscape.xml” file saved.


Now you can see the “import” is in progress as shown below:


But my navigator is showing as below, because the user name and passwords cannot be imported. So we have to give our credentials to make the system “start” again.


Now am giving my credentials as shown below:


Now you can see that both the systems are running fine as shown below:


Hope you understood the feature and the importance of it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you for reading my blog. Please do comment your views.

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  1. Daniel basis

    Hi All,

    I have imported the *.xml file from another HANA studio. it is getting imported with already defined username for each systems and unable to edit it for logging on with different username from my hana studio.

    I appreciate your help.

    Thanks in advance




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