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SAP HANA: Exporting of Tables into local desktop

Hello Folks,

In this document I would like to explain on how to use “export” for tables in SAP HANA Studio.

To do export you can choose “Export” from “FILE” or “Quick Launch” as shown below:



Go to the desired table and Select “Export” from the context menu as shown below:


It will lead you to the below screen:


Now choose “Next”.

Now Choose the format as “CSV” as shown below:


Now select the destination to which the files has to be exported as shown below:


Exporting of tables + data begins as shown below:


Well you guys (including me) would be thinking that I am succesfull  in exporting the data, but here SAP HANA has an limitation and raises the exception as shown below:


As you can see in the above screen, that max lob size is 4294967296

Now let us try to demonstrate the same example with another table with less data.

This time I choose table named “city” as shown below:


This time it was successful and I get the below data as a result shown below:


  1. I have now create.sql (gives necessary SQL statements to create the table) and data.csv & data.ctl and other files required for file loading. 🙂

Hope you understand this feature “export”. In the next document i will focus on “export” and “import” of landscapes.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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  • Can you explain how to import the tables back into HANA using the Import option? When I choose File > Import > SAP HANA Studio > Tables, the first step asks me to specify a location, however, the Browse button is disabled. Does this have to be a Server path or can it be a client path like your example above? I've tried both... unsuccessfully. In the step after that, it asks you to specify which tables. I would assume that if you exported them using the Export option, it would automatically be able to detect what tables you can import, based on the location specified in step 1.

    • It is an instance of the SAP hana server- or a connection made to a server from the CMC ( control management console).The System you add in the administration is the default HANA instance which should be picked up.

      The system does not auto detect the tables to import to; you will have to specify the table along with making sure that the structure is same on both ends

      • Hi Zeeshan - I was unable to get the HANA Studio Import wizard to pick up the files on the server or client. Further, the Export operation allows you to specify both the catalog and data. If you are importing these onto a different system, it will not have the table structures created - that is what you would expect the Import operation to take care of (create tables and load data). Are you suggesting that one would need to manually re-create every table from the export operation, before attempting to import?

        • I assumed something else by what you meant Ted. You are correct in that it should automatically create the table structure and load the data. I assumed a different operation was being undertaken.

          Do you have FTP access to the server where HANA is? If you have the ftp access, you can try finding the file there; 

          • Hi Zeeshan - Yes, I have tried moving the files to the HANA server. From the HANA studio on my client, I have tried manually entering the path on the server (the "Browse" button is disabled) but it cannot seem to find the files. Has anybody tried this and got it working? Can you share what you did?

  • Hello,

    i need to copy the production data into a testing database periodically. So i want to automate this with a script.

    If i execute the EXPORT command in hdbsql client, i get an “insufficient privilege” error. But i cannot grant EXPORT privilege to the user.

    Probably the reason is, that the database runs on the SAP Cloud Platform. OSS note 2508246  says, that the EXPORT command allways writes into a server directory, so it is not possible to use the EXPORT command at the cloud platform.

    It seems, that you can only export data via the Visual Studio (eclipse). So i cannot automate the data transfer to testing database.

    Has anyone a solution, how to do an automated data export/import for hana database on cloud?

    Torsten Manhardt