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SAP HANA: Data provisioning using BI 4.0 Data services

Hello Folks,

In this document, I would like to explain how to use Data services Workbench to load data into your user schema in HANA.

Before loading a table you will have to consider two cases.

  1. Do I need Table Meta data and Data?
  2. Do I need only data?

If you don’t have the required metadata in your user schema, you can use this wizard to import the required Meta data before loading the data into the table.

This wizard will help me to load the Meta data (Table Schema) + data into my user schema in HANA Studio.

The following are the steps for Data provisioning into HANA using Data services:

  1. Choose Source Database
  2. Choose tables to replicate
  3. Choose target database
  4. Choose runtime repository
  5. Execute the replication job

Firstly log on to Business Objects Data services workbench as shown below:


Now Select “Quick replication wizard” as shown below:


Before starting with wizard, you have to mention a project name in the screen shot as shown below:


Press Next to continue.

  • Choose Source Database:

In my example, am taking Source as “HANA” and Target as “HANA”. I am trying to load a table from another user schema to my user schema. I would like to load table named “CE1IDEA” from ECC6 schema to my schema.

So am choosing Database as “HANA” and am giving my ODBC Data source “HANA” which I have for HANA database as shown below:


You can see all the databases list available for as source systems and as mentioned i choose “HANA” as source as shown below:


  • Choose tables to replicate:

               In this screen I have to select the table “CE1IDEA” which I want to replicate. I can use the “search” feature to search across HANA database for the           required table.


  • Choose target database:

               Now we have to choose our target database as shown below:

We have only 3 options so far to choose as target database.

  1. HANA
  2. Sybase IQ
  3. Teradata

As discussed above,I choose “HANA” as the target database as per the below screen shot.


  • Choose runtime repository:

          Now we have to choose the repository and server on which our  “replication” job runs.

  • Execute the job and monitor it:
    Now we have to monitor the job and as in our example we are trying to load table “CE1IDEA” from ECC6 Schema to my user schema. Now execute  the job as shown below:


As marked here we are choosing “schema” and “data” as we discussed earlier. Here we can do those settings. Now we have to execute this “a.rep” job


We can see the below screenshots:



Now as we see our job is successful and we have 6900963 rows loaded in just less than 10 minutes. Now we can go to hana studio and see table under our schema as shown below:


Hope you understood about this new wizard. Which helps us in data provisioning? This is just a basic guide. In my next document I will explain about using the scripts and other functionality if we have any complex logic to be performed before loading.

Thanks for reading this document. Do comment your views.

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      Former Member

      Hello, Mr. Tangudu.

      I'm using DS 4.0 client version to load a table from another user schema to my user schema. I can't find any links to understand what is DataServices Workbench. Could you explain, what is a product and what better to use for this task - DataServices Workbench or DS 4.0.

      Thank you.

      Author's profile photo Muralikrishnan E
      Muralikrishnan E

      Hi Alex,

      Data Services Workbench is part of BODS 4.1 release which helps to move data from different sources into HANA DB.

      This is kind of Data Services Designer of 4.0 version.

      @Tangudu:Please add more details if you have on this.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi, thank you for answer.

      One more question for specification: do I need to upgrade DS 4.0 to version 4.1 for using Data Services Workbench or I can use it now in DS 4.0?

      Thanks in advance! 

      Author's profile photo Muralikrishnan E
      Muralikrishnan E

      Hi Alex,

      You can still use DS 4.0 to move the data from external source to HANA DB.


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      Former Member

      Hello Shilpa,

      1)Go to Project & Click on NEW & Create a Project

      2)Now Right Click on the Project ADD Batch Job ….

        Now go to Screen & Right Click on the Screen  & Add New Data Flow.

      3)Double Click on Data Flow , Again Right Click on the Screen ADD a ABAP Workflow.

      4)Give the Data Source Name.

      5)Generated ABAP Name

      6)Now Double Click on the ABAP Data Flow

      7)Drag & Drop the required  Table from our ECC Data Source

      Drag & Drop a Query & Connect them.

      8)Drag & Drop a Query & Also our MATA  Data Table from HANA Data Source and connect them

      9)Close the Window

      Save & Activate

      Run the Job