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SAP Event Management rapid-deployment solution for order tracking and exception management

This blogs gives you an overview about the new rapid-deployment solution (RDS) available for SAP Event Management (SAP EM).  

What is a rapid-deployment solution?

In a nutshell the objective of RDS is to help customers get up & running quickly on SAP software so that they can focus on their business.  It is a predefined packaged solution containing four elements:


  • Software – modular software that addresses specific business challenges.
  • Content – SAP best practices, templates, and tools make solution adoption easier.
  • Enablement – Guides and educational material speed end user adoption and deployment.
  • Service – a fixed price, fixed scope implementation service to get the package deployed quickly and cost-effectively.

To get more information about the RDS concept in general visit

What is SAP Event Management all about?

In today’s highly competitive and fast moving business world, customer satisfaction and process efficiency is more important than ever. Delivering products on time and  meeting service level agreements is a key success factor for gaining and keeping market shares and reference customers, and increasing market adoption of your products and services. Process and organizational efficiency is the key for productivity, hence cost effectiveness. SAP Event Management is the tool which helps you gaining transparency on:

  • preciseness and efficiency of your order fulfillment processes
  • meeting your customer’s expectations regarding on-time, in-full delivery rate
  • whether your customers pay in time, hence securing the cash flow you need to keep your business up and running

Which process is covered by this new rapid-deployment solution for SAP EM?

With the SAP Event Management rapid-deployment solution for order tracking and exception management, SAP offers a preconfigured solution for fast implementation of order-to-cash tracking and exception management on top of or next to your existing SAP ERP implementation.

The core part of the rapid-deployment solution is pre-configuration for tracking the basic order fulfillment and settlement document chain consisting of sales order, deliveries, shipments (optional), invoice and payment (‘Sell-from-stock’ scenario). Optional parts cover pre-configuration for tracking additional process steps in case purchase orders and production orders are needed for the sales order fulfillment (‘Purchase-to-order’ and ‘Make-to-order’ scenario).


The solution provides creation and monitoring of expected and unexpected events during the whole process chain of order creation, fulfillment and settlement.

  • Expected events are events which always happen during an order fulfillment process. They help you to monitor service level agreements. Examples for expected events are: ‘Delivery created’, ‘Delivery goods issued’
  • Unexpected events usually should not happen. In case these occur, this is a sign for potential service level violation or process inefficiencies, allowing you for management by exception. Examples for unexpected events are: ‘Sales order blocked’, ‘Shipment delayed’.

What are the different deployment options?

The rapid-deployment solution for order tracking and event-management is available for the following SAP Event Management deployment options:

  • SAP EM as add-on with SAP ERP, which is the most simple and cost effective option from a TCO perspective.
  • SAP EM on a standalone instance, which is the option with least disturbance of your SAP ERP landscape, if this is your priority.

How to enable rapid deployment?

The rapid deployment solution is designed to erase repetitive project tasks, provide standardized configuration content in order to reduce time, scope and financial risks, while
shortening time to value for key implementable steps, making use of the standard processes of SAP ERP and the preconfigured SAP EM tracking scenarios.
With our rapid-deployment solution, you know the cost, scope, and deployment timeframe, which can last only weeks. The result: Lower implementation risk and no surprises.

How to get more information?

You can find more information under:

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    SAP Event Management rapid-deployment solution for order tracking and exception management


    Dear customers and partners,


    Do you suffer from poor transparency in your order-to-cash cycle? Would you prefer a management by exception style, instead of keeping your personnel busy with monitoring smoothly running processes? Furthermore, would you benefit from real-time online reports for the status of SAP
    ERP sales orders, deliveries, shipments, and procurement documents, allowing you for example to get instant feedback on a customer's payment behavior in your organization and share sales order status information with your customers?

    Do you need a rapid, fixed price–based solution to discover your pain points in sell-from-stock, make-to-order, as well as purchase-to-order processes? In case you would like to address that, we want to invite you to the following Webinar:


    SAP Event Management rapid-deployment solution for order tracking and exception

    Thursday, 24. Mai 2012, 4:30-5:15 pm (CET)


    To join, you only need a phone and internet access.
    Please use the dial in data below. In case you are not the right contact person, please forward this invitation to the person(s) in charge within your company.


    We are looking forward to meeting you in our webinar.


    Kind Regards,

    Berthold Hege,  RDS Solutions
    Petra Diessner,
    LoB Solutions Supply Chain

    Adobe Connect Web Meeting:

    To be entered directly into your Adobe Connect Event, click on the Direct Access Link:

    Participant Passcode:         125319

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    Need Help? Contact Customer Support:

    Phone: +49 (0)69 71044 5450


    • Hello Berthold, Petra.

      Are the RDS available for SAP Partners/?  Do you have any install guides?  Can I install manually without Solution Manager?    I'm sure many customers would be interested in creating RDS demo systems to sample the many options available.


      Zenon K.

      • Hi Zenon,

        the EM RDS Order Tracking and Exception Management is available for partners with a S-User. You can get all the updated information like process descriptions, configuration guide, installation guide etc. in the Service Marketplace: You won't need to use the Solution Manager, but we recommend to use the Solution Builder component to accelerate the implementation.

        In case you have more questions, you can also address it to mentioning my name.

        Best Regards,

        Iris Zimmermann

        Package Owner SAKP, SAP SE