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problem in parallel loading DTP`s in process chains

Hi Experts,

i have a requirement where i have to create a process chain as shown below.

DSO1, DSO2, DSO3 s are getting loaded (from individual Data Sources) to DSO5 and further it is getting loaded to Info Cube1.

DSO4 is directly getting loaded to the same Info Cube1.

Can you Please let me know the Step by Step procedure.( very important step by step analysis).

Advanced many Thanks.


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  • From not unknowing how long it takes for each data load and if DSO1, DSO2, and DSO3 are loading data to same fields or not to DSO5.  I would create the following processes in process chain:

    1. Load DSO1, DSO2, DSO3, and DSO4 from its datasource and activate data for each DSO in parallel 
    2. Then map all the above DSO Activation processes except DSO4 activation process to AND process.  Then from the AND process, load DSO1, DSO2, and DSO3 to DSO5 and in serial and add DSO5 activation process.
    3. Map DSO4 activation process and DSO5 activation process to AND process
    4. Load DSO4 and DSO5 to Infocube 1 in serial
    5. Rollup BIA aggregate if InfoCube 1 data is loaded to BIA

    Anh Thapa

  • I would add to what Anh has said:

    At Step 4, instead of loading from DSO4/DSO5 to InfoCube 1, drop the index of InfoCube 1.

    5. Then, load from DSO4/DSO5 to InfoCube 1 in series.

    6. Once completed, rebuild InfoCube 1 indexes

    7. Roll up (BIA) aggregates (if applicable).