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Released over the past 24hrs are several fixes for old SCN forums links that were not redirecting to their migrated selves in the New SCN. This was very frustrating for SCN users who most often got redirected to the New SCN welcome page and then had to search or manually configure the URLs to find the migrated threads and messages.

Here’s are examples of the old SCN URLs that will now properly redirect to their targets on the New SCN:

With these fixes, any bookmarks you had pointing to the old domain will now work and bring you to the migrated content.  Of course, you should update your browser bookmarks or even consider using the bookmarks features on the New SCN that is accessible from any content object:

     Bookmark on New SCN.png

Bookmarks are easy to use, accessible from your profile, you can add a description and keywords to it and they can be shared so other users can see your bookmarks are vice versa (they can also be made private!).

If you still encounter any redirects that aren’t performing, please report them in SCN Support or here below in the comments, as you have before.

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