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I’ve happened to run into Brian Johnson the singer of ACDC band, this weekend, and for the past 10 years, I’ve repeatedly exchanged many kind greetings and also learned about some of Brian’s new stories that he had shared with us while meeting at some of our local cultural events.

As Brian was getting his band ready for another concert and they were meeting soon in England, he realized that they are all getting old and that they are not sure how much longer they would continue to perform, but they were still looking forward to their new songs that they’ve created for another tour.  

Recently we also observed the Superbowl performance where Madonna had shared the stage after so many years being gone from the public eye.   We heard many repeated comments from media about that, many were stating that  “she needs to prove herself all over again”.

Amazing but true, how many could assume that someone who is an artist, creator, genius, should actually need to prove that all over again?  It is almost like saying, after a very cloudy day that Sun would have to come out and re-prove itself that it can shine and warm us up again?

Something about all of that sounds very silly to me.  In fact, I couldn’t believe how many people were sitting in front of their TV, watching and censoring Madonna and other artists: “can she still do it”?  

Why not?  If she wants it, she can do it.

In our line of business, we also see many older and very experienced consultants placed often with younger teams with those fresh out of training groups that are ready to excel and even to compete with older consultants. That is great – as long as they all work as a team.  Some younger talents may think that they could be better then those older consultants, and at the time they may be appearing to be better, and at another time they may not be better.   Time interval plays the key part in understanding that those two cannot be compared and they are not meant to be compared.  Remeber the Aristotel and turtle?   I don’t understand where is that comparison coming from and who would start such a chase, for what value?  Many of us are not even aware of how the creation begins and how the live idea works or sustains itself and re-creates itself, until they created something to last, many would not understand such existance is eternal.

Let’s learn it from famous.  Sun is famous and Brian Johnson is famous.  Sun shines and goes away, and Brian sings and goes away.  Now, I see how Moon would love to compete with Sun, but Moon can never be the Sun and neither discredit or replace the Sun.   No younger singer can discredit Brian’s creation, existence or his new intent and his new creation.  He is not trying to prove himself, he is in a constant mode of creation; creation takes time – the longer Brian is away, the better the creation.  Only Brian can do that as he is the only one that has the power to change his own status, at the time that he knows it is the right time to create.

Therefore, our large corporations that are typically trying to employ the younger force as “young, mobile, talented and successful” – is great!  However, that is only the additional asset to the existing team, and not the replacement for someone within the team – unless one wishes to be replaced.  During this cycle, many creations exist and are about to start.  

At some point we need to use a dynamic point of view when we plan our organization or when we talk about our talent and wish to show that we are retaining the talent.  We can not keep our small focus in one spot waiting for each new person to reach the point of small time frame that we are “recording” as the progress.  Expecting the “eye-lenses” to focus and expand its focus NOT on the time interval but to see more of the creativity all around us continuously being in progress; that is going to determine the success of the organization, if such can be even measured with the “semi-broken” scales that we are using.  Moving our “lenses” left, right, up, down, and opening them to a wider diameter would show the entire progression of time and creative force around it as continuous moving form of life being where it needs to be for a reason.   

Give it the time!

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