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Object variable or with block variable not set (BPC Excel)

When opening the BPC Excel the following error is display, follow this guidelines to fix the issue:


1. Go to the EXCEL options:


2. A pop-up window will appear, please click on Add-ins


3. In the drop down list in manage, select Disable Add-ins and click on GO:


4.Another pop-up window will appear with the disable items, it the white box it will say “planning and consolidation”, please click on top of it and then select ENABLE


5. Close your excel and log on to BPC again

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  • Hi, we do use the step above but we do not know what cause it. As we have 500+ BPC users, not everyone happy to have it enable manually when the error happen. Any info as what may cause it and how to make it permenant enable. For info we are using BPC 7,5 version and all our users access the BPC via Citrix