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BPC – System Data Flow Diagram

  The SAP BPC integration process is displayed in the data flow diagram below. This document assumes an InfoSource extracting model, with the corresponding DataSources (one per Source System, For Example client has got the following  SAP R/3 DataSources: SAP ECC , SAP IS Retail,SAP IS Auto) and one standard ODS between the final BPC InfoCube and the required InfoSource which will gather all the extracted information from each SourceSystem. The diagram displays the data flowing between each system and the final BPC InfoCube.


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  • Hi,

    This is really very good,it helps me alot to understanding the whole process and can you please post the other topics also like Account Transformation,Balancy Carry forward,Intercompany Matchings,and other topics,can you please explain in detail.

    Why i am saying this in  the Every Business Rules we have Different members can you explain what is the each member purpose.

    If you posted like that is very good.

    any way thanks



    • Hi Srinivasan,

      Thank you very much.for your observation’s. Sure, I will come up with the detailed subsequent link-up blog’s for this , which would be covering the complete and  detailed sub-process of BPC (  for both Planning & consolidation).


      CSM Reddy

      • Hi Mallikarjuna Reddy,

        Thanks for the valuable reply and if it is possible please write a blog on Intercompoany matchings and  Intercompany Eliminations with complete Business Rules including Rule ID’s. If you write this with explain all the objects that is a great help to the Beginners and non functional background persons..

        Please explain in depth of these Rules.

        a) Rule 010: Stock holders Equities.

        b) Rule 011: Result

        c) Rule 020: Internal Provisions

        d) Rule 030: Dividends

        e) Rule 040: Ic Elimination

        f) Rule 050: Internal Profits.

        g) Rule 051: Internal profits on stock

        Like these we have different Rules. What is the Use and in which time we can use.