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Auto Documentation Functionality in HANA Studio

Hi Everyone,

In this document, I would like to explain the “Auto Documentation” functionality of HANA Studio.

When the user creates Views in HANA Studio under “Contents”, he can automatically generate the documentation about the views. This generated document will have the details about all the view belongs to a package which he selected for Auto Documentation.

The user can invoke the Auto Documentation from three places.

  1. Right click Context menu of the Package or the Views
  2. On the top right corner of the opened view
  3. Quick Launch->Content->Auto Documentation


There are two types of Documents available

Model Details:

This lists the information about the views included

For Eg: In case of Analytical View,

Name of the View, Activation Status, Owner who created, Creation time, Package it belongs to, the Attributes and Measures it has(Private Attribute, Calculated Attribute, Measures, Calculated, Restricted Measure,etc)

This will have a collection of (PDF) files for each View belongs to a package the user selected

Model List:

This lists the Name of the objects like Attribute View, Analytical View, Calculation View, Analytical Privilege and Procedures and their Owners, Delivery Unit, Status, Package they belongs to

This will be a single (PDF) file about the objects belong to a package

How to:

Go to Quick Launch-> Content->Auto Documentation and select the Document type as “Model Details”

Add the Package to the right side pane and select the target folder to store the Auto Document. User can add objects from different packages in the same generated document.

Click Finish

User Interface In case of Model Details:


User Interface In case of Model List:


The Exporting status will be shown under the “Job Log”



Go to the exported location and open the generated document

In case of Model Details :


In case of Model List:


Generated Auto Document in case of Model Details:


Generated Auto Document in case of Model List:


The supported export format is PDF only as of today.

Hope this helps to understand the Auto Documentation Feature of HANA Studio.


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