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New ADD-ONs (B2B and SFTP-PGP) for SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration: Released and Available

You might have gone through the earlier blogs having initial information of new ADD-ONs for SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration.

  Both the ADD-ONs mentioned below are released (GA) today ie. 30th March. 

1) SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration, secure connectivity add-on (SFTP PGP ADDON) (Available to all existing/new SAP NetWeaver PI customers)

2) SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration, business to business add-on (B2B ADDON) (Seperately Licensed. Please contact your Account Manager for licensing details)

Currently, the documentation is provided along with the product in a bundled ZIP file. Application help at “” is planned and will be executed in the next weeks. Also, more information for both these ADDONs will be published shortly on SCN

In case you have any questions/queries or need more information, please send an email to Piyush Gakhar or Katrin von Ahsen

Important SAP Note nos. to start with:

SAP Note Nos Description
SMP Download location : Secure connectivity add-on
Compatibility matrix (secure connectivity add-dn): Supported Process Integration releases
Compatibility matrix (business to business add-on) : Supported Process Integration releases

SMP Download location of Business to Business Add-On

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  • Thanks for sharing this information Piyush.

    The compatibility matrix shows PI 7.11 SP08 as a pre-requisite. Are there any small fixes planned in near future to downport it further to lower SPs of 7.11?


    Prateek Raj Srivastava

    • Hi Prateek,

      Currently, there are no plans to downport it to other SPs. The releases mentioned in the SAP note will be the base releases for these AddOns.



  • Piyush,

    Apparently SAP seemed to have skipped FCC as part of the SFTP adapter.

    I believe that instead of us relying on the messagetrnasformbean, it should comes inbuilt into the adapter as we have in case of the file adapter.




    • Hello Shabarish,

      Thanks for making this point.

      MessageTransformBean adapter module is independent and can be used with any adapter and provides the same functionality. So, anyone can get the content conversion using this module.




      • Hi Piyush Gakhar sir,


        kindly specify the other centres where the hands-on workshop for newly launched Add-On solutions will be taking place ?

        • Hello Priya,


          This is initial product release training and currently happening at Bangalore, India only. Will keep posted on SCN about other training plans once it gets finalized.




  • Hello Piyush,


    My current project is working on  PI 7.1 Service pack 05.


    However, there is a need to use SFTP for one of our critical customer data . Is it possible  that there is a way out, to use this addon for SP 05.



    • Rachana, that was one of the questions I asked earlier (see comments above). There is no way out here and SP upgrade is a must here. We did the same in our landscape. Even if you manage to tweak the adapter to work in SP05, you will not get any support from SAP for that tweaked adapter.



      Prateek Raj Srivastava

      • Hi Prateek,


        I think, you are right that even if i tweak, the Adapter, will  throw some Jar or class exception in the monitoring if used .


        However, my problem is that update from SP05 to SP08  will need lot of effort from Basis and PI team and not sure if business will  spent that much money for one interface.




        • SP upgrade will be required sooner or later. But if you try to convince them for upgrade cost Vs cost of third party SFTP adapter license, I am pretty sure upgrade will be cheaper.

  • I understand that B2B AddOn needs additional licensing cost. My question would be.. (Just a high level answer would be sufficient) Let’s assume I am a new client and want to buy/avail an enterprise license of SAP (including ERP, CRM, SRM, etc.. and some Netweaver Products including SAP PI). If I will avail this license and want to implement B2B solution using B2B AddOn for SAP PI/PO (from my understanding, it requires additional licensing) does it requires separate license for each of the technical adapters (OFTP, AS2 and X.400) or the separate license includes all technical adapters for B2B AddOn. I know SFTP and PGP is free base from the licensing matrix.


    Another question, if I’ll avail B2B AddOn (which needs additional licensing), does the B2B Infrastructure Service (security, EDI splitting, numbering acknowledgements, archiving and mapping functions) and Converter modules would also be a separate license cost or it is including when you acquire the license of B2B AddOn (seeing it as a whole package) or If a separate licensing per technical adapter assuming I’ll only use AS2 and X.400, do B2B infrastructure services and converter modules included?





  • Hello Piyush,


    I am on PI 7.5 B2B SP4.


    I have imported B2B content.


    I am looking for EDI X12 830 002001.


    The lowest version/release available is 002003.


    How can i get older version/release of this EDI x12 830 transaction ?



  • Hi,


    Is there any compatibility between SAP PI version and the target SFTP server version?

    We are having our SFTP server on IBM AIX 5.3.0 and PIĀ  is on 7.4 SP11. How can I confirm that this combination is supported?