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I understand this is related to Basis, but just form the understanding from Functional side, I am presenting this simple explanation for Cross Client.

We all know that Cross Client Request impact all the Cilents in a particular server. Whenreate a new Object & we get a pop-up message that Table is Cross Client. Why does this happens?

Tables which are having MANDT field are called as Client dependent tables.

Tables which are NOT having MANDT field are called Client independent tables.

Go to T-Code SE16N & explore Table VBAK, VBRK, VBAP, KONV,etc.. & you will see that the First Field in these Tables is MANDT i.e. Client. These are Client Dependent Tables, means all the changes in these Tables will impact only a particular Client.

Now, Explore Table TTXID (Valid Taxt ID’s) & you will see that MANDT feild is not present in this Table. This means this Table is Cross Client & changes in this Table will impast all the Clients in the Server. As we all know that when we create a new Text Id, we get a Cross Client message. Same is true for Access Sequence.

Most of the Repository Tables in SAP are Cross-client. The changes made in ABAP Work-Bench are placed in Repository Tables so they are Cross-client.

Hope this helps,


Jignesh Mehta

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  1. Former Member

    A good article.

    It would have been much better if explained the reason/purpose of this cross client concept, especially from functional perspective. As an example…why the Access Sequence is made cross client and not the condition tables or condition types. Similarly why calendars are cross client objects? Please add this info also in your article.


    Ravi Sankar

    1. TW Typewriter

      Jignesh Mehta

      Ravi SankarRavi Sankar’s suggestion is a good one. Please explain the purpose of having some client specific and some cross client tables.

      Every thing could be made cross client because ultimately the configuration or coding will go to all clients in a system.



  2. Former Member

    Dear Jignesh,

    This is very informative document. shortly & well explained 🙂 . Keep posting such information.


    Suhaib Bin Aziz

  3. Deep K

    Dear Jignesh,

    It is really appreciated which way you are understanding SAP ..Thanks for sharing your understand.



  4. Former Member

    Hi Jignesh,

    Thank you for sharing the document,few days back we had a discussion on the same subject .Thank you for shedding some light on the subject. 🙂



  5. Kamlesh Kumar Arya

    Jignesh Mehta  Sir,

    Very nice blog for understanding Client Independent versus Client Dependent Tables.

    However, posting why any particular Table is Client Independent or Dependent could have been much better for us to learn more and clear concept. 😉

    By the way learning is also there in shared blog.




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