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Do know that SAP TDMS 4.0 is released?

What is TDMS?

TDMS: Test Data Migration Server can be used to create non productive systems with reduced transactional data. Usually a productive system is the source system and a QA system is the target system. TDMS is an R/3 addon for ABAP based systems.

We used TDMS 3.0 in several projects for SAP ERP, HCM and CRM based scenarios. TDMS 3.0 supports ERP, HCM, BW and CRM system. Data scrambling is also provided with a standart content for HCM but possible to implement for others with the TDMS tools.

On 16th March 2012, SAP released the TDMS 4.0 for General Availability.

Whats new with TDMS 4.0?

TDMS 4.0 comes with some good features that doesn’t not exists on TDMS 3.0. Here is the brief list:

1. Full Client Transfer

  • Client-specific data is transferred without any reduction
  • The following data is excluded from transfer:
    • Change Documents
    • SAP Business Workflow items
    • User Data
    • ArchiveLinks
    • Authorization
    • Roles
    • Business Workplace
    • Variants
  • High performance
  • Logical system name assignment in receiver system is included

2. Data Transfer Through Files for SAP ERP

  • File transfer is different from standard TDMS packages as it does not require the RFC destinations to all the involved system
  • File transfer enhance the flexibility of multiple import of test data without additional load on source system
  • File-Based Transfer, separate Data Selection and Data Transfer process by introducing
    • An Export Package – Standard TDMS Package without receiver related actions
    • An Import Package – Allows a data transfer to selected receiver system

This is important, because TDMS 3.0 allocated %10 of transferred data on the source system and affects the DB size, backup/restore duration, generated archive files and performance during the data transfer.

3. Enhancements for SAP ERP HCM

  • E-Recruiting Data (Transfer of internal and external candidates information along with e-recruiting objects like requisition, job posing, application, candidacy, talent group and, support group)
  • Processes and Forms (Transfer of HCM processes along with the PDF form content. Scrambling of the form content can be done)
  • Selection can be defined in a separate transaction by HR administrators instead of TDMS experts
  • Selection can be done based on complex business criteria
  • The list of objects and relations obtained from such a selection can be used in multiple transfers
  • Standard SAP HCM authorizations are active for selection of objects plus additional authorization checks to control access to transaction.
  • Reports
  • Scrambling – 33 countries content

4. Stand-Alone Scrambling

A new feature that enables you to scramble data in a client without data transfer.


  • You can define scrambling rules, create content, and reuse standard content for all scrambling needs.
  • You can integrate the scrambling rules with any TDMS migration solution.
  • Compact process tree.
  • Definition and modification of scrambling rules for specific projects and packages

5. SAP TDMS for Industry Solutions

Banking, Oil & Gas, Retail (Store-Based Selection), Utilities

6. SAP Solutions Available with SAP TDMS Classic

In addition to the TDMS 3.0 solutions SCM, SRM also provided iwth 4.0

7. User-Friendly Work Centers

We’ll see the new version with upcoming 3 TDMS projects and we’ll have an upgrade from 3.0 to 4.0 in near future.

I’ll share the implementation and upgrade stories later.

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  • Hi,

    It is good sharing, can you please let me know for TDMS of CRM 7.0 BASIS RELEAES OF 7.01 SP06,

    do i need to update my TDMS 3.0 to TDMS 4.0

    or this can be supported by TDMS 3.0 with the sp level 16 or above.

    Please clarify.



      • Hi,

        Thanks a lot for the reply, but in service market place if i go support pack and download-> test datamigration server-> tdms 3.0 -> here there are list of patches as

        Product Availability, Maintenance Dates & Supported Platforms

            Entry by Component

                  TDMS for ABA 4.6C

                  TDMS for ABA 6.20

                  TDMS for ABA 6.40

                  TDMS for ABA 7.0X

                  TDMS for ABA 7.31

        so here TDMS for ABA 7.0X can be applicable for CRM 7.0 SAP BASIS RELEASE OF 7.01 SP06.

        and the sap note  1231203 , saying also DMIS_BSC 2008_1_700 suports Enhancement Package 1 to 3

        also by the sap note 1160977 saying

        Additional feature of TDMS CRM with support pack 5

        TDMS CRM now supports CRM 7.0

        Still I got confused, can you confirm this CRM 7.0 SAP BASIS relase o 7.01 sp6 will be handle by TDMS 3.0 latest patch or TDMS 4.0/



  • Hello Huseyin,

    Please could you elaborate the highlighted portion of point 2 in your blog. “TDMS allocated 10% of …………”. I donot have experience with TDMS  but this helps me understand how this is improved in TDMS 4.0



    • Hi Chandrakanth,

      In previous versions of TDMS, the selected period data was first cached in database cluster tables which are consuming space at a 10 percent of transfer data volume size. For example if you select last 6 months and the volume of last 6 months data is 300 GB in source system, then at least 30 GB data cached is source system before data transfer.

      With TDMS 4.0 File Transfer is introduced and this cache data is no longer needed to be written into source system database, but written into file system.

      • Thanks Huseyin. One other point that struck me. Is it possible for SAP to prepare a ROI (return on investment) tool for TDMS. I see there was something similar released for NW SSO 1.0 which seems to help customers quickly appreciate the product. Eg

        Another question related to TDMS : Is TDMS touted to only shrink the size of the Quality systems (as a cost saving mechanism) or does it ALSO play a role in reducing the efforts to do a system copy. Looking at the guides so far , it appears there is “lots” to do in TDMS compared to a traditional system copy procedure . I mean the efforts dont to copy a system dont seem to be reducing at the end of the day.

        And the aspect of performance. Even with file based copy, to run the export in a real production still is not considered performant and SAP seems to recommend customers to do a copy of the production and then do the export on it. Is this going to improve in the future. Because copying production and then doing the tdms export only increases the efforts eventually