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Creating Guided Maintenance Page(Roadmap) in CRM Web UI


This document will help to create Guided Maintenance page(Road Map) in CRM Web Client UI. This is task based. This is very similar to Roadmap UI element Webdynpro.

Step by step procedure

  1. Create a Z Component in BSP_WD_CMPWB. Let us say ZZROADMAP.
  2. In the Component Structure Browser, right click on View and Click on Create. It will take you to View Creation Wizard. Give View name as MAIN and create only Value NODE and Value ATTRIBUTES. Since we are not going to pass data we are not going to map to Custom Controller.  Similarly create  more views and name it as OPPDETLS.  Select view type as Empty View
  • Value Node Name OPPID

Value Attribute OBJID

  • Value node name OPPDTL

Value Attribute DESCR

   3. We make view configurable by adding the below code in MAIN.htm and OPPDETLS.htm

<% DATA: xml type string.

                  Xml = controller->configuration_descr->get_config_data(  ). %>

<chtmlb:config xml = “<%= xml %>”

                                mode = “RUNTIME” />

Add the Fields in Configuration tab and save the Configuration

      4. Now we create Guided maintenance page  by right clicking View and select Create Guided Maintenance Page. Give name as ROADMAP.It will take you to wizard where we can create our Nodes and Attributes as explained above.

     5. Click on Runtime Repository Editor and if you expand the Viewsets, VIEWSET ZZROADMAP/ROADMAP will be there. Add views created(MAIN and OPPDETLS) in View Ar

     6. In the Window add  ROADMAP view.

     7. Go to Component Structure browser and got to configuration tab of ROADMAP view. In the available views we will get MAIN and OPPDETLS view

     8. Add it to task and sequence it . Give suitable Title. Save the Configuration.

     9. If we want to pass data we can map to Custom Controller/ Component Controller.

     10. Run the Application. You will be getting Guided Maintenance Page(Rodmap). Depends on sequence views will be displayed. You can move from view to another view click NEXT button. 

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  • Hello Siddharth,

                               Nice document . can you please tell me how to add custom buttons beside previous/next buttons on guided activity page and also where the standard previous/next buttons are defined.



  • As a CRM functional person, the guided activity from what I see need a good technical resource.   There looks to be so little information on the topic.

    Would be great if there were some video’s of different examples that customers were using for their guided procedures.  I think we would see more business buy-in and usage of this feature

    I did apply note 1517968 to see the “Product Support” example in the IC_AGENT_TUI role

    I could see a lot of business scenarios where using a guided procedure could be beneficial in other business roles.