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Changes to be made in new SCN


   I tried to express my necessities in the new SCN as a user.I posted this blog here to overcome some issues which needs to be solved soon.

   Thanks for the technical team who made the new SCN better.Still take users suggestion as well.

    We all support the new SCN but we need some changes that make the site user-friendly

   Here are some changes

  •   Moderators are not active.There are simple discussions posted in the spaces.But it is not closed
  •   Wiki links is not easily navigatable
  •   We need the company contributors list to be updated after the old SCN
  •   There should be number of views for WIKI also
  •   We should moderate the pictures put by users also
  •   Sometimes they put nature, cartoons ..etc.So there should be a moderator for that too.
  •   Contributors are not recognized in the new SCN in the spaces

   We need those changes to feel better in the new SCN


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