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Some tips on ABAP query (SQ01) Part 1

This document is to give some tips to community members about ABAP querying.

The reason I created it as document rather than blog is because I would like other members of the community to add their tips and tricks by editing this document. Please feel share your knowledge by adding content, screenshots etc to this document.

I’m not gonna go into the basics of query writing as I think most of you know how to create a query using SQ01/SQ02/SQ03 tcode.

The following are some of the tips:

In SQ01 >> Go to layout design by click on “Basic List”.

3-27-2012 12-58-38 PM.png

1. In ABAP query, you don’t need to add tables of text fields, like you would do in ABAP programming, the system automatically adds them for you as shown in the screenshot below.

3-27-2012 12-32-02 PM.png

2. You can change the description of any field by clicking on it like this

3-27-2012 12-43-18 PM.png

changed to

3-27-2012 12-45-22 PM.png

3. You can apply color to any field, the process is shown below.

First click on the field in the right pane, then on the left pane lower half, you will see the field attributes.

3-27-2012 12-48-35 PM.png

Click Apply . After you apply you will see the assigned color like this.

3-27-2012 1-14-17 PM.png

4. You can change the order of the fields in the output just by dragging and dropping them here on the right pane.

3-27-2012 1-04-06 PM.png

3-27-2012 1-08-05 PM.png

When you execute the report you will see the output as shown below.

3-27-2012 1-18-13 PM.png

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