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Report multiple different attribute error/success/warning messages at a time.

This document guides you how to report multiple different messages at a time.

Create a structure at se11 level like below:


and write the below code in your WDP component:

data:      lt_messages type table of ZST_WD_REPORT_ATTR_ERROR_MSG,

             ls_messages type ZST_WD_REPORT_ATTR_ERROR_MSG.

ls_messages-attribute_name = ‘ATTRIBUTE1’.

ls_messages-element           = <lo_element>.

ls_messages-message          = ‘Display message 1’.

append ls_messages to lt_messages.

ls_messages-attribute_name = ‘ATTRIBUTE 2’.

ls_messages-element           = <lo_element>.

ls_messages-message          = ‘Display message 2’.

append ls_messages to lt_messages.

ls_messages-attribute_name = ‘ATTRIBUTE 3’.

ls_messages-element           = <lo_element>.

ls_messages-message          = ‘Display message 3’.

append ls_messages to lt_messages.

***** Display messages at a time.

if lt_messages is not initial.

     loop at lt_messages into ls_messages.


                    attribute_name = ls_messages-attribute_name

                    element           = ls_messages-element

                    message_text  = ls_messages-message ).

          clear: ls_messages.




**************** above is the sample for attribute error message, you can use this for all types of messages by pointing respective parameters.

hope this would be very helpful.

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