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New Video explains you how SAP Enterprise Support helps to implement better

Did you know that implementing new software has a lot in common with building a house? No?
When you build a house you need to put together a lot of parts and pieces. Usually a lot of parties are involved and experts are definitely needed. You need to stay on time and in budget. And you have a high financial risk. All these points also hold true for software implementation projects.

But how do you make sure to involve the right experts and manage everything well during your implementation project?
That’s why we created this new video for you, explaining how SAP Enterprise Support helps you to build your “software house”:

Only SAP Enterprise Support offers the best services, tools and guidance at each step of the implementation project: Before and during the implementation. Take advantage of the key capabilities of SAP Enterprise Support with the SAP Enterprise Support Academy, Best Practices, SAP Solution Manager and Continuous Quality Checks. SAP Enterprise Support helps mitigate your risk and helps ensure that there are no unknown showstoppers. You can be confident that you will implement better your desired “software house”.

Directly access the new “Implement Better” blog and presentation.

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