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Copy Code from Unformatted Post

I remember that when I registered on SDN in November, 2008 there was no limit of 2500 characters per post, but due to some reason now there is a limit, as we all know that in many threads we have very useful code which is not in proper format because of this limit. We often face problem when we almost find the solution but not able to copy this code in proper format to understand and run, I faced the same problem and now I have come to the solution which I want to share with all of you people.

We often see the code as below, out of format


Using the Steps Below we can copy see the code in original shape

1. Click on the Reply button as shown below, on the Top Right Position of the Post from where you want to copy code.


2. From the Reply window Select Quote Original button as shown below


3. After click on that button you will see the code as below.


4. Now the only problem is the Remove the > sign at the start of every line, let’s copy this to ABAP Editor or any other word processing which support the Colum Selection for Example Microsoft Word 2007.

Note:-Please don’t select the Post Message button just select back button from your browser after copy

Press and Hold the ALT key from your Key Board, now start selecting > sign from top to bottom or inverse order using LEFT mouse click as shown below

In ABAP Editor


In Microsoft Work 2007


This way it will allow you to Select only the > sings in Colum.  After selecting press Delete key from your Key Board.

Now Code is ready in its proper format

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