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What are Transient Providers? See if you have BW inside your ERP System

SAP’s definition is as follows:

“InfoProvider that allows analysis and reporting with BI Tools (including BW OLAP functionalities) on top of an application (SAP Business Suite).  It is not modeled in Data Warehousing Workbench of BW and the data is not replicated”

With enhancement package 5, you have the capability of activating a BI client inside your ERP system.  This will provide you the capability of reporting on tables inside your ERP system to some of the BusinessObjects tools.  The source of the data is a classic SAP InfoSet, which must be client independent.

Once you have activated the BI client inside ECC, you can go to RSA1 inside your ERP system.  See  Figure 1 below.


Figure 1: BW inside ERP

Note that the actual data used in the transient providers is not stored in the InfoObjects.


Figure 2: Source: SAP, Ingo Hilgefort

Figure 2 shows that the Direct Access/BICS method is used.  This will give you capability to expose classic infoset to BI system – direct line, no data modeling involved, only expose infoset and create a BEx Query on top of InfoSet – no data provider or modeling is necessary.  Tools such as Dashboards, Analysis Office, Crystal for Enterprise are available for reporting in your ECC system.

Visit this page for more information on system landscape types.

Here are the steps to do this:

1) Activate the BI Client in your ECC system (note you must be on enhancement package 5)

Run program RSRTS_ACTIVATE_R3IS to activate the BI client

2) Create your InfoSet using the SQ02 transaction inside ECC (must be a Global / client independent infoset)

3) Set the property of the InfoSet to release using transaction SQBWPROP


You will be prompted for a Workbench transport.

4) Create a BusinessExplorer Query against this InfoSet.  This will serve as a datasource to the BI/BusinessObjects Tools

5) Run your choice of BusinessObjects tools shown in Figure 2 using the BEx Query from Step 4 as a data source.

This example uses BusinessObjects Analysis Edition for MS Office.  See below.


Figure 3

Figure 3 shows the BEx Query is the data source to Analysis Office.  The BEx Query was created against the classic ECC InfoSet.

Interested in learning more?  We will be covering this at ASUG Annual Conference 2012 in May.

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  • not as good as Eh5 above, but i’m trying to get Eh4 do a similar “integration” of ECC code RFC’ing the BW BI content with the help of (shared) memory. it think it roughly relates to Landscape scenario #5.

  • Hi Tammy, I was wondering what limitations there might be compared with BEx query on BW. E.g. will you be able to create/model some of the fields as hierarchies – like product hierarchy – which would enable drill-down in Crystal/WEBI/…?

    • No hierarchies in the ehp5 version – that is a limitation

      There are improvements coming in ehp6 but I don’t have the specifics.  Thank you for commenting.

      • Hi Tammy,

        Thanks for your response. Activating one ECC client for “Operational BI” which includes the Transient Provider capability is quite a serious step I think. It may even cause some difficulties with your ECC client concept and transport strategy.

        Are you aware of any potential changes to the way this is done with EnhP6? Or does the underlying configuration of the “BI client” stay as it is (program RSRTS_ACTIVATE_R3IS, with changes to table RSADMINA)?



        • I haven’t looked at Eph6; my understanding is there are more improvements with transient providers

          I haven’t seen any difficulties with transports

  • Hi Tammy,

    This is a great step-by-step article for non SAP BW customers who wants to leverage BO along with SAP ECC for reporting.

    I was working on this and went through step 3 with out any issues, now i am trying to create a query in BEx Query Designer but i am getting error ” Errors : You do not have authorization for Add or Create” I have assigned “SAP_BW_ALL” role to the user id but still having the issue. Can you please quickly guide me if you are aware of this or point me in the right direction (detailed documentation if available).

    Thank you,


    • Rajan – similar to other BW authorizations, you will need to maintain authorizations for S_RFC, S_RS_COMP, S_R_COMP1,S_RS_RSTT, S_RS_AUTH objects

      Not sure where that is documented but that is what I have learned.

      Good luck.


  • Hi Eric,

    Thank you for taking the time to read and comment

    My personal take is that this does not replace a BW – this would only be used on small amounts of data that you need “real time”, such as parked documents that you need to process right away.

    This just simply “expands” the current toolset of BI tools.  It is not intended to replace BW, something that handles large amounts of data.

    I hope this helps. 


  • Hi Tammy, thanks for your article.
    What about performance? I have always learned that SAP doesn’t recommend querying on SAP tables. On the other hand BW is also not thé place for real time reporting. What is your view on this? Do you think querying on SAP tables (with or without reporting via BI tools) should be acceptable?

    • Richard – great question

      This isn’t something you would do against large amounts of data

      It is better for small amounts of data

      (assuming you do not have SAP Hana, like most of us)


  • Hi Tammy, very nice wiki and feature.

    I try to run the program RSRTS_ACTIVATE_R3IS in our ecc landscape but I receive a short dump. Did you know any solution?

    Categoría              Error de programación ABAP

    Err.tmpo.ejec.         UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION

    Excep.                 CX_RSR_X_MESSAGE

    Programa ABAP          CL_RSDM_READ_MASTER_DATA======CP

    Application Component  BW-WHM-MTD

    Fecha y hora           08.08.2012 09:47:14

    Thanks a lot for your attention.


  • Hello Tammy

    Thanks for detail stepwise details. When i marked infoset as BI relvant in transcation SQBWPROP, I am not able to see infoset in RSA1 under respective infoarea mentioned in SQBWPROP.

    Even i am not able to see the same infoarea when i try opening ECC system for creation of new query.

    Can you please give me some pointers as why it would be missing in that infoarea?

    Many Thanks


    • Did you assign the user group permissions as well in the InfoSet?

      Note not all infosets are available as transient providers – those with hierarchies/logical databases won’t work either

      If you experience more issues, I recommend creating a discussion post.



  • Hey,

    In the proces of testing a transient provider we followed all the above steps.

    We are able to open Query designer and select the infoset as a source but the moment we add a key figure, we get an RFC error in Query designer and we are unable to save the report.

    We activated the BI Client (step 1 : RSRTS_ACTIVATE_R3IS) but we did this on the same client(nr) as the BW client (100). Could this pose a problem ?

    I’ve read that it is not possible to revert to another client once this is setup ..

    Do you have any other idea what could be the problem ?

    Thanks in advance.


      • Hi Tammy,

        Thank you for your quick reply.

        We did activate the BI client on the ECC system NOT on BW.

        What i think might have happen is that i selected the ECC client 100 insted of the self def’d clietn

        when you run the RSRTS_ACTIVATE_R3IS transactionself def.pngCould this pose a problem ? If so do you have any idea how to change it because some sap notes say it’s not possible to change the system afterwords .

        Kind regards


        self def.png
        • One idea – you could try changing the BW client in table RSADMINA

          But…I recommend reaching out to SAP Support before trying this – I am not a technical / Basis expert

          • HI Tammy,

            Your last suggestion actualy fixed it.

            We are able to create queries now, using the infoset we’ve created and made available for BI.

            Thanks again

            Kind regards


      • Hi Tammy,

        Very helpful document. Thanks.

        I’m having small confusion.

        M on EHP7. When m executing “RSRTS_ACTIVATE_R3IS”. Can you please tell me which BW Client should I select. My ECC Client is 900.

        Do I have to select only that BW Client whose client is 900. Can not I select other BW client.

        Please clear my confusion.

        Thanks & Regards,

        Shruti Yendigeri

        • Hi Shuti –

          Thank you for your comments.

          I am not familiar with your set up; the client you select is where your ECC system and data resides; in this case it sounds like 900.

  • Hi Tammy,

    I am glad to find this posting. I have just implemented this solution in BW and BO – a WEBI-report that is based on BEX query which runs on top of an ABAP-program in BW. It is flexible and fast. This solution works only when the following authorization objects are granted, that is, S_PROGRAM for this particular program and P_ACTION = SUBMIT, VARIANT for the P_GROUP that has defined in the infoset. Since all end users are business users, they normally do not have these kind of program authorization. Is this the best practice authorization method or is there another way to do it?

    Great thanks.

    Best regards,


    • Hi Zabrina – congratulations for getting this to work.

      I am not a security expert so I don’t know if it is best practice.

      On the surface, it does make sense to have this authorization if it is running on an ABAP program.


  • Hi Tammy,

    I followed steps mentioned by you for transient provider.

    I am working on ECC EHP7 and I have activated BI client and I have created infoset in ECC.

    Now I am trying to create Webi report based on this infoset, unfortunately I did not see this created infoset under Bex tab.

    Could you please suggest me what could be the issue.