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Introduction :
Generally while proceeding with the import of transport request(TR) into the target BW system, it is required to check the status of the job. Because few TR’s which contains data targets like Info-Cube and DSO takes more time (even hours) to import when compared to the time taken by the TR’s which contains Non-Data Target Objects. Therefore, it is required to check the status of the job frequently.

This document includes step by step procedure to check the job status of a transport request that is progressing.

The status of the job for a transport request that is imported can be checked in two ways.They are

a) In Import Monitor
b) Using Simple Job Selection (SM37) screen

a) Import Monitor

1. Once the TR ( here DEVK123456 ) is imported as per the requirement from the Import Queue (STMS), we may check the status of the job in Import Monitor.
2. In the Import Queue screen ( figure 1), click on Import Monitor which directs to the session as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 1

Untitled3.jpg                                                                                                                Figure 2
3. The truck
symbol ( in figure 2) says the transport request DEV123456 is in progress. The ‘Last activity’ time is used to check the latest update. It changes regularly, if the TR is progressing without any issue. Based on the last activity time, we can know the status of the import job. Here figure 2 says that the import of transport request DEVK123456 was started on 10.01.2012 at 23:43:59 and the last activity update is 23:45:10. If it is not changing for long time, it is required to check the status of the job in SM37 as shown below.

b) Using Simple Job Selection (SM37) screen

1. Call T-Code : SM37 > Enter the selections for Job name and User name as shown in figure 3.

Untitled4.jpg                                                                                                             Figure 3
2. Select Active jobs, choose the From/To dates > Execute.
3. Click on that Active job > Job logs > Check whether the job is progressing or not. If it is progressing than we can wait for the job to complete but if its not then we have to check the status of the job at Application server level.

Note: How to check the status of the job in the application server level

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