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Equipment Replication to CRM system

Dear Experts,

I’m trying to replicate the Equipments from ECC to CRM.

Below are the settings which i have done in CRM system.

1. CRM-> Master Data -> Installed Base -> Define Installed Base Category -> Define Installed Base Category and Installation Rules

     – Taken EQ as a category and copied

2. Maintained Partner and Address Inheritance

3. Defined Settings for the Action Log for Each Installed Base Category.

4. Assigned Partner Determination Procedure to Installed Base Category

5. Assigned Object Families to Installed Base Categories (Object family : 04041, Type : EQ)

6. Maintained a Category for Equipment for R3PRODSTYP (Under MAT_) as MAT_EQUI

     Then assigned the Object Family : Equipment to MAT_EQUI and setypes.

7. Then Started Downloading the Object : EQUIPMENT & EQUI_CONFIG. Both of the objects completed successfully, but we did not get the data into CRM system.

8. In ECC i  have checked in Table : EQUI, values are there, bu here in CRM we are not getting. I want an Installed base to be created with that data.

9. In ECC, Equipments are getting created at the time of delivery only, with the Equipment category as “S”

Please Let me know what are the settings to be done for getting that equipment data into CRM as Individual Objects, and created as Installed Base.

Thanks & Regards


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  • Prequiisites for creating Installed Base

    Download Product categories and hierarchies
    2. Number range of equipment should match with Equipment number range with R/3
    3. Download Products to CRM system
    4. Download Customers to CRM system( If you are maintaining customers at ibase)


    Prerequisites and General Information for Equipment Replication

    For equipment config download below are the activities.

    Initial Download Procedure

    Activate the adapter object EQUI_CONFIG in SAP CRM.

    Follow the menu path: Architecture and Technology > Middleware > Data Exchange > Object Management > Business Objects and select the active/inactive box for EQUI_CONFIG.

    Examine the filter settings for EQUI_CONFIG. For a each source site, set the filters to the same settings as for the object EQUIPMENT.

    Don’t forget to regenerate the filters!

    Start the initial download process for EQUI_CONFIG.

    Follow the menu path: Architecture and Technology > Middleware > Data Exchange > Initial Load > Start.

    Delta Download Procedure

    Activate the object class EQUI_CONFIG.

    Follow the menu path: Architecture and Technology > Middleware > Data Exchange > Delta Load from R/3 Back-End.

    You may wish to activate the EQUI_CONFIG delta download if you are downloading changes for EQUIPMENT.

    If you want R/3 to apply filters during the delta download, use transaction SM30 and maintain view CRMPAROLTP as below:

    Parameter name = CRM_FILTERING_ACTIVE

    Parameter Name 2 = EQUI_CONFIG.

    Parameter Name 3 = EQUI_CONFIG

    User = CRM

    Parameter Value = X


    Serial numbers (serial numbers not associated with a piece of equipment) are represented in SAP CRM as objects.

    SAP ECC serial numbers and associated business partners appear in SAP CRM after the initial load.

    Initial Load

           1. Activate the SERIALNUMBER object (which is delivered as inactive) before starting the initial load.

    On the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Architecture and Technology –Middleware-data Exchange- Object Management- Business Objects

    Select the SERIALNUMBER object and set it to active by deselecting the Inactive indicator.

           2. On the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Architecture and Technology- Middleware- Data Exchange-Data Exchange-Initial Load- Start.

           3. Select the load object SERIALNUMBER, an SAP ECC system as the sender system, and an SAP CRM system as the receiver system.

    Delta Load

    On the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Architecture and Technology -Middleware – Data Exchange – Delta Load from R/3 back end- R3AC4- set up Delta Load.

    Set the adapter class EQUIPMENT to active for delta download. If the class has not yet been added, you must add it.

    Hope it helps


    • Hi Upinder,

      Thanks for your reply.

      Objects replicated into CRM system successfully and Installed Bases got created, but we could not get the partner data and Ibase Hierarchy(means we are getting only the FG and not the components data)

      Please suggest me .



      • Hi Anand,

        Check out these settings as for Ibase hierachy & Partner functions mapping following steps need to be followed.

        ## Installed Base>Replication of Technical Objects from SAP ERP>Define Default Settings for Replication of Equipment

        ## Product master data: Product hierarchies were replicated to CRM.

        If you have downloaded the hierarchy and category from ECC then please check in Tcode COMM_HIERARCHY.

        Check the Hierarchy R3PRODSTYP with category 0410 and sub category 0401, ensure that the object family 0401 Equipment is maintained in this category.

        For Partners check the settings below

        Step 1: Define Partner Determination Procedure
        Define partner determination with all the partners on the Equipment
        IMG > Customer Relationship Management > Basic Functions > Partner Processing > Define Partner Determination Procedure

        Step 2: Assign Partner Determination Procedure to Installed Base Category
        IMG > Customer Relationship Management > Master Data > Installed Base > Assign Partner Determination Procedure to Installed Base Category

        Step 3: Map Partners from ECC equipment to CRM
        Check the Partner functions for the Partners maintained on the Equipment in table IHPA

        Distribution of Partner Functions from SAP ECC into CRM
        IMG > Customer Relationship Management > Basic Functions > Partner Processing > Data Transfer > Distribution of Partner Functions from SAP ECC into CRM

        Step 5: Assign Partner Determination Profile, Set types and Relation types to iObject category
        Category: 0401

        a) Partner Determination Profile

        In Category Data> category Tab>you enter

        Category ID- 0401

        Basic data category you enter-

        Product type- material

        Object Family- 0401 Equipement

        In Product / Object maintainance: control fields you enter Partner det procedure

        b) Assign Set Type to iObject Catagory

        Select category 0401 & Go to Set Type Tab & select your Set type

        c) Assign Relationship type to iObject Catagory

        Select Category 0401 & Go to Relationship type tab & select relationship type


        Below are the list of Function Modules that will get all the relevant information about IBASE:

        CRM_IBASE_GET_DETAIL Get Details for the Ibase

        CRM_IBASE_COMP_GET_DETAIL Get Details for the Individual Components

        CRM_IBASE_COMP_GET_PARTNER It gives the partner details of the individual components

        CRM_IBASE_GET_PARTNER It gives the partner details of the Ibase

        For a complete set of all the IBASE Related functionality you can have a look at the following Function Group:

        IB_CRM_API – IB: CRM APIs for IBase



        • Hi Upinder,

          All the above settings are there, apart from assigning the Partner Determination Procedure to the Category. when trying to assign the PDP to the category, i’m getting the PDP which is created for Installed base.

          i’m able to find only below things:

          1. Automotive – Customer Service

          2. 2

          3. ICM Object

          4. IP Interlinkage Partner

          5. ITSM Problem Header

          6. ITSM Item master data

          Could you please help me out, which one to take and use

          Thanks in Advance



          • SAP delivers PDP 00000032 as Standard.. It allows all partners without any particular rule & is assigned all IBase Category 01, it can be assigned to other IBase categories as well.

            Check if it reflects there in the list

          • I have copied the same PDP 00000032, the standard one and assigned to the Installed base category EQ,.

            but its not reflecting in the list.



          • Hi Anand,

            In case the Partner procedure is not listed in the drop down of 0401 category. you need make the Partner procedure has the Product as the Business Object then it would show in the drop down of 0401 Category.

            How to make ‘the Partner procedure has the Product as the Business Object’:

            Spro>IMG>CRM>Partner Processing->Define Partner Determination Procedure-> select your Procedure e.g. 0000032 (this is SAP standard, copy & rename it) > Select the Partner det Proc->  click left in Dialog Structure on -> Procedure Users – > add new Entry Product (BUS1178).  Now you will have this entry and Installed Base, Ibase Component (BUS20150,BUS20151)



          • Hi Upinder,

            Thanks for your reply. i have done the same settings, but the Partners are not flowing into Installed base….

            Is it mandatory to maintain the partner data in the Equipment in ECC or it will take the Partner data from Order/Delivery?

            Could you please let me know?



    • HI Upinder,

      Just need one help.

      I had replicated Equioment from ECC to CRM and it had replicated successfully. Now in CRM i am modifiying the Partner data. But these modification are not getting flow to ECC system.

      In SMW01 it is not showing any error as well.

      In Install Base category i had already assigned partner determination profile as well.

      If you have face this issue earlier then please guide me over the step to get it resolved.

      With Regards

      Ankush Rai

      • Hi Ankush,

        Delta Load needs to be activated if you haven’t done these steps.

        Tcode- SM30, enter table TBE31

        Business transaction event : PM000020

        Application ID: BC-MID        

        Function module: EQUIPMENT_COLLECT_DATA

        Your delta load will be activated after you do initial download

        Once your delta download above setting is done. the partners will automatically get updated.

        If you have the table entry in TBE31 for EQUIPMENT_COLLECT_DATA , then ideally the entry would have been present in t-code >R3AC4 for object EQUIPMENT as well.

        Generally when you perform an initial load this entry would be maintained automatically in table TBE31 and hence in txn:R3AC4.

        You may find an issue that As soon as partner update is done in ECC, one entry in SMW01 for the change would be visible but if you go to IB53 to check the IBASE, you may not see any Partner assignment or the Partner updates wouldn’t happen at all.

        For that You can check table CRMRFCPAR in ECC & check if Delta Load has been disabled for CRM system / Specific client.

        Also check if the object for equipment is appearing in transaction R3AC4 for delta load.

        hope this helps


        Upinder kaur

  • Hi Ankush,

    The delta synchronization of the equipments from the SAP R/3 system into the SAP CRM server is not active in the standard system.

    You can check SAP Note 637173- Equipment download/delta Synchronization.

    This note explains how delta changes are processed and how you can proceed to activate the delta synchronization in a project solution.



  • Hi Upinder,

    I am trying to download Equipment from ECC to CRM, I am getting error as mentioned below under TCode SMW01

    I even downloaded object DNL_CUST_PROD1 to match all hierarchy and category of both the system ECC and CRM

    Steps to replicate the issue:-

    1. In ECC – Tcode ie03 pass machine no. 1773325 edit the description with “.” And save
    2. It will trigger back to CRM for replication of same equipment as IBase in CRM
    3. we can track in CRM under SMW01 with error and success message

    Error description is: –

    Assign a hierarchy to the application ‘Product’

    Diagnosis: – A hierarchy has not been assigned to the application Product. Product IDs are assigned and checked on the basis of this hierarchy. Products cannot be created without this assignment.

    Procedure: – Assign a hierarchy to the application (transaction COMM_PRAPPLCAT).


    Dheeraj SIngh