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PI Adapter for EBICS

Recently I have seen multiple forums regarding the new EBICS banking protocol, and if SAP provides a PI adapter for EBICS. In this blog I have tried to explain briefly about EBICS and the consulting solution for EBICS adapter.

Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard (EBICS) was originally developed by the German banking industry and enables corporate clients to conduct their banking business flexibly, securely and efficiently and to select the most suitable services provider for their individual needs.

Currently EBICS is supported by both German banking sector represented by Zentraler Kreditausschuss (ZKA) and the French banking sector represented by Comité Français d’Organisation et de Normalisation Bancaires (CFONB). EBICS specification provides “multi bank capability” so that corporate clients in both countries can reach any bank in Germany and France in future using the same software.

Some salient Features of EBICS are:

  • State-of-the-art-technology, international standards like XML, HTTPS, TLS and ZIP.
  • Highest security protocol possible  i.e. encryption at transport and application level 
  • Single access for all business transactions, i.e. direct debits and credit transfers, status messages, account statements, cash management and many others.
  • Involvement of service providers through multi-level signature concept and location and time-independent authorization of submitted orders (DES)
  • More information can be found at

Due to the high requests by customer (especially BCM customers) SAP Consulting has developed a completely functional PI Adapter for EBICS. This PI adapter is delivered along with a Webdynpro UI application in order to perform the configuration and key management steps as per the EBICS specification. Some salient feature of this adapter is:

  1. Leverage SAP Netweaver PI Platform and based on PI Adapter Framework and JCA.
  2. User Interface to configure INI, HIA and HPB process (VEU Optional).
  3. Usage of SAP standard key management.
  4. Support Order types IZV, AZV, DTE along with STA and PTK
  5. Scheduling option especially for the download transactions
  6. Optional SAP BCM to fully integrate EBICS status message as well.

Below is a diagram of typical customer landscape who are using SAP ERP and PI.


In case if you have interest or question in regard to this Adapter, please contact Kevin Elbers at

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