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Useful SAP Credit Management Programs

In the present modern era of credit & economic crisis, credit management can play a vital role in day-to-day business. So, it is essential for the business to have right things right. Streamlining the credit will assist you in streamlining the business process.
Also, Credit management gives you an opportunity to know your customer better in terms of financial facts & payment behavior.

So, you can’t achieve all success, if a proper mechanism is not in place.

  • kind of credit check you want
  • the events where you want these checks
  • change customer creditworthiness
  • reorganizing the credit data
  • the period for which you look the data
    so forth and so on.

Following are some Useful program in SAP Credit Management which can come handy.

Program RFDKLI10 – Customers with Missing Credit Data
TCodes S_ALR_87009992


This report would list out the error in central data or credit limit-related data.

Program RFDKLI10

Program RFDKLI20 – Reset Credit Limit for Customer
TCodes F.28

This reorganizes the credit data after the change in organizational data for credit. These changes can be currency, credit value,

Program RFDKLI20


Program RVKRED77 – Reorganize of credit data after update errors

When updating errors occur, it enables you to reorganize the open credit, delivery and billing document values.

Program RVKRED77


Program RVKRED06 – Background jobs for checking blocked credit management

The report checks all blocked documents from the credit view. This repeat credit checks for blocked SD documents, for example, after receipt of payment

Program RVKRED06


Program RVKRED08 – Credit check for sales orders that fall into the credit horizon

You should run this report periodically, usually at the start of a period. The report checks all the sales documents, which reach the dynamic credit check horizon. The period for the ‘date of the next credit check’ is proposed from the current date, with the help of the period split for open sales order values.

Program RVKRED08


Program RVKRED09 – Check credit on SD documents in background

We prefer this program over RVKRED06 & RVKRED08. As it contains more selection options. Here already released documents are checked, if the validity period for release is over.



Program RFDKLI40 – Credit Overview for Customer
TCodes F.31



This report would address the requirement for the overview of the customer master data for credit management for a customer. Check the range of further selection.



Thus, these programs can make life easier for the end-users.

Other TCodes related to Credit Management

TCodes Description
S_ALR_87009999 Credit Limit Data Mass Change
S_ALR_87012221 Credit Limit Data Mass Change
S_ALR_87009994 Credit Limit Overview
S_ALR_87012216 Credit Limit Overview
F.33 Credit Management – Brief Overview
F.34 Credit Management – Mass Change
F.32 Credit Management – Missing Data
F.31 Credit Management – Overview
S_ALR_87009996 Credit Master Sheet
S_ALR_87012218 Credit Master Sheet
F.35 Credit Master Sheet
S_ALR_87009997 Credit Mgmt: Early Warning List
S_ALR_87012219 Credit Mgmt: Early Warning List
S_ALR_87012217 Credit Overview
S_ALR_87101147 Customers with Credit Balances
S_ALR_87009992 Customers With Missing Credit Data
S_ALR_87012214 Customers With Missing Credit Data
F.2D Customrs: FI-SD comparison
S_ALR_87009993 Display Changes to Credit Management
S_ALR_87012215 Display Changes to Credit Management
S_ALR_87101108 Missing Credit Data
S_ALR_87012220 Reset Credit Limit for Customers
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