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SCN – a wonderful platform

Nobody in this world knows everything and this is applicable for SAP domain also. At this point one question might arise in our mind, whom we can call an Expert? Experts are those who maintain enthusiasm and eagerness to learn and explore new things in their domain. As all of us know we are all learning till our last breath but the pace of learning new things differs for each and everyone. Babies are learning new things in a faster manner, we would not have learned as many new things as we learned during our childhood. Because babies are able to see opportunities in everything to learn new things. I would like to mention the pace of learning is directly proportional to the opportunity to learn new things. So Expertness in any area depends upon Enthusiasm and Opportunity. Nobody can help us on cultivating enthusiasm on the contrary that should come from ourselves.

Opportunity to learn new things can be either created by ourselves or by the support of other people. We are all either using or supporting SAP products. SAP is having a wonderful platform to create opportunities for its users/supporters to become an expert in their area and the platform is now renamed as SCN. I am really impressed with the look and feel of new SCN. It has included so many wonderful new features which were lacking earlier. So I would like to suggest this is the opportunity created by SAP for all of us to learn and experience the cutting edge technologies of SAP. I think each and every one of us are the brand ambassadors of SAP and we have the responsibility to make our customers aware about new SAP products. Again without much headache we can show our customers the use of SAP products by logging into SCN. SCN is created in such a way that we can experience the benefits of each and every product. So SAP had carried out their duty and now we should ensure that our customers are using right SAP products for the smooth functioning of their business.

After a long consultation consideration and contemplation I came to the last definite conclusion that SCN is the opportunity for all of us to become an expert in our area and to accomplish higher echelons in our career journey. There is an old but still relevant saying “ the best way to learn is to teach”.  I would like to modify this a little bit to fit into the modern world “the best way to learn is to share our knowledge”. So Let us all become an active participator of SCN for our own benefits.

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      Author's profile photo Tom Cenens
      Tom Cenens

      Hello Githen

      There is a lot of discussion around the word "expert" and it has been a topic for discussion in past SCN blogs frequently. If expert would mean you know everything in a certain domain then in my opinion there are no experts or at least so few that they can't even play a four-player card game together.

      I like your description of the word "Expert", I think it's a good start but it doesn't capture everything either. Yes enthusiasm and eagerness to learn are important but does that make someone an expert? I don't think so.

      If you would name someone an expert on a certain area on SCN then I would expect them to produce quality content (not quantity) in that area.

      Making sure quality content surfaces is something that all community members can do. Rating content is a first step at doing that. I gave you three stars for this blog, why? This blog makes me think which is always positive. The content is interesting but the blog isn't really sectioned. It would be easier to read if it was sectioned.

      Opportunity is something you have to create yourself as well. If you wait for opportunity than you are missing out on opportunities for sure.

      I really like the new SCN as well but I also do believe there are still plenty of improvements that can be made. I'm looking forward to the future and the possibilities that are yet to come.

      Kind regards