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Plant Wise Currency In Purchase order for a Specific Vendor

Main Scenario Required in Detail

Our client has a vendor (say XYZ) who supplied goods to him in India & in Uganada also.

He does the billing in INR for all the projects in India & USD for all projects outside india.

Thus we need to design system in such a manner that whenever client picks the vendor & Plant combination in SAP , system should propose currency accordingly.

For Ex :

in ME21n when client issues a PO to vendor XYZ for Uganda Plant then system should propose USD Currency & for India specific Plant it should propose INR.

for different plants ( Plants are considered as States in our case i.e.. Haryana is one plant & Uganada is another plant).

Solution Proposed

We try to find out a way in vendor master so that we can maintain plant wise currency.

After some R&D we explore that within the vendor master (Purchasing view) there is a tab as Alternative Data which is initially in Display mode only.

This is the main key which could suffice our client requirement.In order to activate it we follow the path mentioned below & add purchasing data.



This will Activate Alternative Data Tab in vendor Master where we can define Plant wise Purchasing view.


Click the Alternative Data Tab

There system will ask you if you want to maintain only Purchasing Data or Partner functions also.


Thus Choose Purchasing Data & Enter the Plant for which we want to save the Purchasing Data.



Now we have guided the system to maintain Plant wise Purchasing Data.

Same will be highlighted in Vendor master Purchasing view which is now displaying Plant also.


This will allow the system to pick up the currency USD in all transactions where specific vendor & Plant combination is used.

Hope it will be useful to you.

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