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E-Payment: A Customized Solution other than SAP Integration Package SWIFT – Part -1


The Bank Communication for many corporations is a mess because of different interfaces and protocols are involved between data communications. This results in high cost and a lack of cash flow transparency.

For Communication between Corporations and bank, SAP provides Bank Communication Management application, which helps companies to streamline payment processes and lower the cost of managing multiple communication interfaces. For the integration purpose SAP provides SAP Integration Package for SWIFT.

Business Process Details

Customer wants the make the payments electronically with different payment method and these payments will process by Bank. Customer will push the payment files to Bank electronically and bank will process the payments and send back the acknowledgements to customer. Based on acknowledgments Customer will confirm the payments.

Process will start with Payment program and end with Acknowledgements receiving.

 This process contains 4 Steps and point of integration between SAP BCM and SAP PI with bank.

First 2 scenarios will be used for sending payment files from Customer to Bank.

Scenario 1:  Merging of Payment files into one Payment File and send it to PI folder for further processing. This scenario contains the encryption of message in file adapter and it uses the encryption software given by client.

Scenario 2: Push Merged and Encrypted payment files to the bank network. This communication will be done using settings for the posting for bank network in SM59.

Next 2 scenarios will come into picture when bank will process the payment files and put the relevant files into there out folder to fetch by customer. This contains fetching information for Acknowledgements and Responses.

Scenario 3:  This scenario is to fetch acknowledgement files from bank to customer. For this purpose, customer sends one dummy file to banks network, which executes banks service to push files from their out folder to customers SAP PI network where next process waits to transfer the information to SAP BCM.

Scenario 4: This scenario uses the above process but for Responses.

Process to send Acknowledgements and Responses to SAP BCM

SAP provides some standard service interfaces for posting the payment information coming from the bank, back to SAP BCM.

We used SAP APPL 604 and CollectivePaymentOrderNotification_In for this purpose. We need to install this in SAP PI ESR to fulfill our purpose.



 Once files are placed in the concerned folders in SAP PI, next PI process will pick files and using CollectivePaymentOrderNotification_In, sends data to SAP BCM.

 Why customized solution rather using SAP Integration Package SWIFT

We customized our solution and didn’t use the Standard package given for this kind of integration. This is due to below reasons;

  1. Swift use standard format of data as incoming message. It accepts few EDI formats and processes it depending upon its structure.
  2. We cannot manipulate the data whenever we require it. E.g. if we are missing some data from incoming message we cannot manipulate it once data is send it Swift Integration messages. Customized solution gives us flexibility to use.
  3. Swift Integration package is complex to use and understand the whole process.

 This blog will be followed by detailed explanation of whole scenarios and processes discussed above.

I hope this will help to find an alternate implementation solution for the companies who is fighting to understand the E-Payment and trying to send payment files to banks and vice versa.

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