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Calling window/view of one component in another component

This article describes how to call a window/view which of one component in another component.

Create a component “ZPP_TEST_COMP_USAGE


Create a component “ZPP_TEST_COMP_USAGE_N


In ZPP_TEST_COMP_USAGE use the ZPP_TEST_COMP_USAGE_N in the component used Components


Create a page header in the view of ZPP_TEST_COMP_USAGE_N. This will be called by view of ZPP_TEST_COMP_USAGE04.PNG

Create a button in the ZPP_TEST_COMP_USAGE : To call the view/window of another component


Create an outbound plug in the ZPP_TEST_COMP_USAGE view outbound plug tab to create navigation between current view and ZPP_TEST_COMP_USAGE_N’s window.


Create an action for the created button using the created outbound plug for navigation as below


In ZPP_TEST_COMP_USAGE windows, right click on window name  and select embed view


Select the view to be embedded as shown below(in popup)

Required Window(created in ZPP_TEST_COMP_USAGE_N) name will be populated. And whatever the views embed onto that window will be auto populated in component ZPP_TEST_COMP_USAGE.



Select CALL_VIEW_N (outbound plug of ZPP_TEST_COMP_USAGE ) right click and Create navigation link as shown below


Select the destination view as ZPP_TEST_COMP_USAGE_N’s window. Shown below



Navigation link was created.


SAVE and Activate the Component ZPP_TEST_COMP_USAGE

Creeate application for the component ZPP_TEST_COMP_USAGE


Test the Application.

This is the View of Component ZPP_TEST_COMP_USAGE


Click the button to navigate to the view of component ZPP_TEST_COMP_USAGE_N




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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Rayulu,

      This document is quite useful thanks for it, but can you please help me out to resolve the scenario of navigating to 2nd view of 1st component by clicking the button on 1st view of 2nd component.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Shivam,

      Below are the steps for navigating to 2nd view of 1st component by clicking on the button in the 1st view of 2nd component:

      Component 1 - 'ZTEST_COMP1'

      As per the scenario,we have 2 views.

      Say View 1  -  ' COMP1_VIEW1'

      View 2  - say 'COMP2_VIEW2'.Create an inbound plug - 'IP_P_VIEW2' .

      Below actions are necessary in the window of component 1.

           1.Create an inbound plug say,'IP_W_COMP1' of type 'standard' and check the

               interface check box.

           2.Create an outbound plug 'OP_W_COMP1'.

           3.In the handler event - HANDLEIP_W_PLUG. Fire the outbound plug.

              (code snippet :      Fire_out_OP_W_COMP1_plg ( ).

           4.In the window tab of 'Zwindow_comp1' - right click on the 'OP_W_COMP1'

              plug and create a navigation link to view 2 of comp1.

              i.e (OP_W_COMP1->rightclick->create navigation link->select destination view    as'COMP2_VIEW2'.

      Component 2 :'ZTEST_COMP2'

      Create View 1 - say 'COMP2_VIEW'.

      In the window of component 2 (say, 'ZWINDOW_COMP2') following actions are necessary.

           1. Right click on the window name->embed view->select your

               component 1(ZTEST_COMP1).

           2. Now the outbound plug  of the window created in component 1 appears (OP_W_COMP1'). Right click on create navigation link and slect the destination view 'ZTEST_COMP1' as second component view and give a F4 help on inblound the inbound plug 'IP_W_COMP1' created in component 1.

      I assume that you have the basic knowledge on component usage.

      Hence I have given the logic that matches your requirement.

      Hope this helps!

      Please let me know if you need any further help.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Manjula,

      Thanks a lot for your help, its working now 🙂

      Now, I have one more scenario in which I need to pass the internal table (which is already bind to the node of the 2nd view of 1st component) from 2nd view of the 1st component to the 1st view of 2nd component, so that I can update the same table  by clicking the button on the 1st view of 2nd component.

      Or is there any other way by which we can make this internal table as the global one and use into other component.

      I am new to Web Dynpro and in learning phase. I would be thankful to you, if you can help me out.

      Best Regards,